Marshall Islands corporate advisory services in 2024

business in Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands company registration is a popular offshore jurisdiction for many entrepreneurs. Located in the North Pacific Ocean, the island nation provides legitimately tax efficient company structure options for international business. The following Marshall Islands company registration guide provides an informative guide to the process of registering a company in the Marshall Islands and whether this jurisdiction is the optimum corporate solution for your business:

Marshall Islands company registration information

Company registration in the Marshall Islands is popular for its simple procedures and the company operational benefits it offers. Some advantages of Marshall Islands company formation include:

  1. Marshall Islands company registration is a good option for establishing a holding or investment company;
  2. When structured properly, Marshall Islands company formation can be a legitimate way to book international profits without paying tax;
  3. Marshall Islands company registration is governed by the Maritime and Corporate Administrator of the Republic of the Marshall Islands;
  4. There is no minimum capital requirement for Marshall Islands company registration;
  5. A Marshall Islands company only requires one shareholder and one director to complete company incorporation. The shareholder or director do not have to be resident in the Marshall Islands, and can be any nationality. There is no public register disclosing shareholders’ and directors’ details;
  6. It is not necessary to submit annual financial statements or tax returns following Marshall Islands company registration;
  7. It is easy to open corporate bank accounts to support a Marshall Islands company.

Marshall Islands company registration facts

Here is a snapshot of requirements for registering a company in Marshall Islands:

Details Marshall Islands company
100% foreign ownership Yes
Minimum directors 1
Corporate directors allowed Yes
Minimum shareholders 1
Marshall Islands resident director No
Minimum share capital $1
Marshall Islands resident company secretary No
Marshall Islands registered office address Yes
Access to corporate records No
Annual audit required No
Accounts/Company book keeping required Yes
Profits allowed Yes

The most common form of business structure that foreign entrepreneurs will register is a non-resident offshore company, or International Business Company (IBC).

Marshall Islands company registration procedures

There are 4 important stages in Marshall Islands company setup our firm follows to ensure a smooth engagement process. Healy Consultants provides Clients with detailed step-by-step incorporation procedures but below is an overview of these 4 stages:

  1. Planning
    • Deciding on most appropriate corporate structure;
    • Agreeing on required services;
    • Collecting documentation and due diligence.
  2. Company name
    • Choose company name preferences;
    • Obtain approval for company name from the Marshall Islands Registrar of Companies.
  3. Company registration
    • Required documents filed with the MI Registrar of Companies;
    • Receipt of official notification of incorporation;
    • Application for business registration certificate and payment of incorporation fee.
  4. Other company support services
    Dependent on Client requirements but could include setting up a corporate bank account, employment visas, virtual office, search engine marketing and more.

Marshall Islands company registration services

Healy Consultants provides a range of Marshall Islands company registration services to support Clients during the set up or their business and also as ongoing support to assist the business become established after the company is registered. This helps to ensure the successful operation and growth of the business. Following are some of the services to support Marshall Islands company registration:

  1. Corporate bank accounts;
  2. Nominee Director Services;
  3. Marshall Islands virtual office;
  4. Investing Offshore;
  5. Accounting & Tax Planning;
  6. Business website search engine marketing.

Marshall Islands company registration fees

The total cost of engagement is dependent on the services required, however, Healy Consultants Fees page will provide an overview of various service costs.

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