Dormant UAE free zone entity accounting & tax obligations in 2024

To help our multi-national Clients’ accurately and completely understand their annual UAE free zone statutory obligations, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department prepared this web page. The table below outlines in great detail a checklist of how Healy Consultants Group Staff will help your UAE LLC to timely accurately and completely discharge your annual legal, accounting and tax obligations; including our respective fees:

No. Professional services US$
1. Preparation of abridged financial statements (a 15-page annual report) including:

  • Restructuring and reclassifying income and expenses to i) clearly explain transactions and ii) legally minimize corporation tax; and
  • Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards; and
  • Crafting accurate and complete financial statement disclosures, to properly explain to the UAE Federal Tax Authority the annual transactions including but not limited to:
  1. The corporation tax liability (if any); and
  2. Related party transactions; and
  3. Foreign exchange gains and losses; and
  4. Depreciation and finance costs; and
  5. Intellectual Property expenses; and
  6. Dividend payments; and
  7. VAT filings; and
  8. Head Office expenses (if any); and
  9. Transfer pricing;
2. For our Client’s UAE tax-resident entity, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department will help:

  • Secure a legal exemption from multiple statutory obligations including i) annual FATCA and CRS reports and ii) annual corporation tax i) returns and iii) audit requirements and iv) VAT, filing responsibilities; and
  • Evaluate the statutory obligation to submit i) quarterly VAT reporting and ii) maintain proper record-keeping standards and iii) employer requirements and iv) economic substance reporting;
  • Legally minimize local and international corporation tax;
  • Preparing an accurate and complete i) corporate tax return and ii) tax computation and iii) tailored cover letter to the Federal Tax Authority, explaining annual net profits and the corporation tax liability (if any); and
  • Negotiating written inquiries and phone-calls from the Tax Authority (post tax return submission), justifying annual net profits and losses;
Estimate of total annual accounting & tax fees for a dormant UAE free zone entity 3,950

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