Fees and timelines


The average total fee per UAE entity type is outlined in the table below. These fees include business registration, opening a corporate account and all estimated government fees:

UAE FeesYear 1 CostYear 2 CostDraft Invoice
Dubai LLCUS$20,000US$9,850
Dubai JSCUS$20,000US$9,850
Dubai Rep. OfficeUS$23,250US$4,900
Dubai Branch OfficeUS$44,450US$11,350
Abu Dhabi LLCUS$28,740US$6,250
Abu Dhabi Rep. OfficeUS$30,480US$7,050
Abu Dhabi Branch OfficeUS$30,900US$7,050
RAK LLCUS$21,400US$10,400
RAK Joint Stock CompanyUS$21,400US$10,400
RAK Branch OfficeUS$21,400US$10,400
RAK Representative OfficeUS$21,400US$5,450RAK Rep office invoice
Sharjah LLCUS$28,995US$13,960
Sharjah PJSCUS$28,995US$13,960
Sharjah Representative OfficeUS$28,995US$9,010
Sharjah Branch OfficeUS$28,995US$13,960
Ajman LLCUS$26,075US$9,950
Ajman Joint Stock CompanyUS$26,075US$9,950
Ajman Branch OfficeUS$26,075US$11,400
Ajman Representative OfficeUS$26,075US$12,400
UAE OffshoreYear 1 CostYear 2 CostDraft Invoice
Jebel Ali - Dubai offshoreUS$15,700US$7,750
RAK offshoreUS$8,870US$4,470
Ajman offshoreUS$8,870US$4,470
UAE free zonesYear 1 CostYear 2 CostDraft Invoice
Abu Dhabi FTZUS$24,350US$7,050
Dubai FTZ - DIFCUS$29,190US$11,150
Dubai FTZ - BPFZUS$20,150US$9,000
Dubai FTZ - Dubai AirportUS$17,800US$13,100
Dubai FTZ - Dubai Internet CityUS$23,670US$11,695
Dubai FTZ - Dubai Maritime CityUS$17,620US$10,920
Dubai FTZ - Dubai Maritime City (office and visa)US$25,270US$18,020
Dubai FTZ - Dubai Logistic CityUS$17,350US$12,000
Dubai FTZ - Media CityUS$20,550US$14,800
Dubai FTZ - DMCCUS$24,950US$11,450
Dubai FTZ - Dubai Knowledge VillageUS$16,775US$10,750
Dubai FTZ - Dubai Cars and AutomotiveUS$19,200US$6,150
Dubai FTZ - Dubai Auto Parts CityUS$20,650US$13,400
RAK FTZUS$14,850US$10,200
Hamriyah FTZUS$23,550US$9,970
Sharjah FTZUS$27,890US$13,857
Ajman FTZUS$21,125US$10,500
Rakia FTZUS$19,950US$8,200
RAK Media CityUS$23,600US$16,850
Jebel Ali FTZ - JAFZAUS$22,363US$8,129
Umm Al Quwain FTZUS$18,520US$7,170
Fujairah FTZUS$21,215US$7,840


The average UAE setup engagement period is 15 weeks as outlined below:

UAE business registration engagement period timeline

  • Preparing a detailed project plan;
  • Our Client confirms the corporate structure;
  • Collecting due diligence from our Client.
  • Our Client signs the corporate bank account opening forms;
  • Healy Consultants prepares a business plan;
  • Healy Consultants visits the bank for interview;
  • The bank’s Legal and Compliance Department reviews and approves the banking application;
  • The bank emails the corporate bank account numbers to our client.
  • The Bank Operations Department mails the internet username and passwords to our Client;
  • Some of our Clients’ request Healy Consultants to activate the internet banking on their behalf.
  • Healy Consultants confirms all Client due diligence is received;
  • Healy Consultants couriers the complete original company and bank account documents to our Client;
  • Our Client completes our web-based feedback survey.

Contact us

For additional information on our company registration services in UAE, please email us at email@healyconsultants.com. Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
client relationship officer - Chrissi