Guinea client case studies

  • An Australian Engineering and Project Management Conglomerate opens an entity in Guinea


    Our Client is an international conglomerate that provides expert engineering and project delivery services to numerous large international companies based primarily in the mining sectors.

    Healy Consultants contacted the client early in December of 2018 to understand their requirements and tailor a solution to their business needs. A proposal was promptly created and sent to the client. Shortly afterwards, the client enlisted Healy Consultants Group to setup the client’s business in Guinea.

    Engagement planning

    Healy Consultants Group prepared and emailed our Client an engagement advancement proposal which included a formal invoice, engagement letter, due diligence checklist and a list of our existing and past clients that could be contacted for professional refence. Our Client hastily provided us with all the due diligence documents over the following days and settled the first 50% of our fees. Thereafter, Healy Consultants Group prepared a detailed engagement project plan mapping out a step by step plan to engagement completion as well as a quality business plan to assist with corporate bank account opening.

    Company registration

    Promptly after our Client confirmed their preferred company name which Healy Consultants Group then reserved with the Guinea Registrar.

    Healy Consultants Group worked to prepare all the required documentation for our Client’s signature. Healy Consultants Group then submitted digital copies to our Client for their review and approval. Once the client had confirmed, Healy Consultants Group requested the copies to be printed, signed and email returned for review. Upon review, Healy Consultants Group requested our Client to courier the original copies to our Guinea affiliate for submission to the Guinea registrar.

    Within 2 weeks of receipt of the original signed documents, our Client’s Guinean entity was incorporated, and the registration numbers provided to our client, 2 weeks earlier then the original time frame.

    Within 3 weeks of the registration of the Guinean entity, Healy Consultants Group completed registering the company for tax. At the same time, the client settled the outstanding 50% of the invoice.

    Corporate bank account opening

    The client confirmed their intention to travel to Guinea which Healy Consultants Group utilised as an opportunity to arrange for the client to meet with a few of the banks in the country. The Client then met with the various banks during their visit, to discuss their company profile and sign bank account opening forms with numerous banks prior to the completion of incorporation of our Client’s new company.

    Initial steps were then taken by Healy Consultants Group to provide the banks with the documents they required to begin their compliance checks.

    It was at this point that the Client instructed Healy Consultants Group to halt bank account opening efforts as they were in the process of negotiating the contract with their Guinea based client and did not want any banking fees or reporting obligations prior to the commencement of company activities.

    Engagement completion

    Healy Consultants Group was engaged to provide a legal registered office for this client for the period of 12 months and to handle company renewals for the foreseeable future.

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