Kyrgyzstan employment visas in 2024

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All immigration to Kyrgyzstan is controlled by the federal government through the State Agency for Migration and Employment of the Kyrgyz government. The Kyrgyzstan government welcomes foreigners and grants tourist visas easily, with many nationalities not requiring a Kyrgyzstan visa for visits less than 60 days. Work permits can often be obtained without difficulty, though there is significant due diligence involved in the application. Healy consultants will assist our Client with all immigration matters:

Kyrgyzstan has established a bilateral visa-free regime with many countries, and thus, nationals of USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Korea, Singapore and most countries in the EU do not require visas. Nationals of these countries may also apply for a business or employment visa with their nation’s embassy in Kyrgyzstan.

Business visas

Following Kyrgyzstan business company formation, the business visa will be approved if the applicant can provide a valid international passport, the written address of the business in Kyrgyzstan and two copies of the Kyrgyzstan visa application form. Healy Consultants can assist in the preparation of all required documents.

Work visas

A working visa application is approved if the applicant can provide a valid international passport and the written address of the employer, and an individual work permit issued by the State Agency for Migration and Employment. In addition, the employer must have a license to hire foreign workers. If the applicant is employed by a commercial organization, they must additionally submit foundation documents, charter, registration certificate, and certificate of tax inspection for the commercial organization.

Kyrgyzstan corporate banking options

  • For registration of an Kyrgyzstan company and to receive the best customer service and to be legally compliant, Healy Consultants recommends corporate banking in Kyrgyzstan with the Bank of Asia;
  • Legally, there are no restrictions on foreign exchange in Kyrgyzstan banking, though the financial exchange is quite restrictive in practice. A person may freely hold, use and transfer funds in foreign currencies, but the exchange rates are heavily influenced by the black market and may fluctuate greatly;
  • Where possible, Healy Consultants bank account opening team will liaise with the bank to have Kyrgyzstan offshore banking to prevent our Client having to travel for an account opening interview.

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