10 steps to incorporate in Liberia in 2024

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Incorporation of a company in Liberia can be completed in one week. Our Client will not have to travel to Liberia in order to complete the engagement, by issuing a Power of Attorney to our Liberia incorporation agent who will them complete all procedures on his behalf. The typical procedures are as follow:

  1. Before Healy Consultants commences the incorporation process, we request our Clients to i) sign our engagement letter and courier us ii) the signed letter along with all the required due diligence documents (click link) and iii) settle Healy Consultants’ engagement fees;
  2. Our experts will draft a detailed engagement plan (click link) for our Clients, explaining every step towards engagement completion. This plan will optimize work transparency and settle our Client’s expectations. Thereafter, our Client and Healy Consultants agree i) engagement plan, ii) the legal, iii) tax and iv) accounting implications of business formation;
  3. Prior to company set up, our Client and Healy Consultants also agree i) the company name and ii) the optimum corporate structure, including shareholders and directors. Healy Consultants Incorporation Team performs a company name search with the Liberian Corporate Registry (click link). If available, we will submit the company name application for approval. Healy Consultants receives company name approval within a day of application from the Liberian Corporate Registry;
  4. In order to support Liberia registration, Healy Consultants Incorporation Team proceeds to legally incorporate your Liberia business including: i) filling the Memorandum and Articles of Association ii) filing a Statutory Declaration of Compliance, iii) filing a Notice of Situation of Registered Office and iv) reserves the Legal Certificate of Incorporation from the Liberian Corporate Registry (usually takes 2 days). Following receipt of the same, we will email you a scanned copy of the Certificate of Incorporation for your records;
  5. Healy Consultants Compliance Team will file the following documents with the Liberian Corporate Register: i) notification of appointment of first directors and secretary, ii) letter of appointment of first directors and iii) consent to act as director. Once approved by our Client, Healy Consultants applies for your Business Registration Certificate and pays the required statutory fees. After completion of the same, we will email you a scanned copy of the official government payment advice slip as evidence of payment of your annual statutory fees;
  6. Healy Consultants company Secretary Team prepares all post incorporation documents, including i) minutes of the first meeting, ii) preparation of By Laws and iii) issuance of initial Share Certificates;
  7. To support Liberian business, Healy Consultants Banking Team completes international corporate bank account opening for our Client. The account includes world-class multi-currency Internet banking facilities. Healy Consultants works with internationally recognized banks such as HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Citibank to provide corporate bank account services;
  8. The process of Liberia company registration is now complete. With the engagement complete, Healy Consultants will courier a full company kit to our Client. The company kit includes the original documents, unopened bank correspondence and feedback form.
  9. Healy consultants can assists our Client to obtain corporate finance, trade finance, and to open merchant accounts;
  10. If required, Healy Consultants assists our Client to locate business premises in Liberia and recruit local staff following incorporation.

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