Slovenia employment visas in 2024

Healy Consultants Group will be pleased to assist our Clients with securing a visa to work in Slovenia. It is important to note, only non-EU / EFTA citizens are required to secure a work visa . Our services include preparing the visa application, submitting it to the authorities and thereafter liaising with the Government officer to ensure visa approval. Our fee for this service is €4,950.

Entrepreneur visa

  • Non-EU/EFTA entrepreneurs will be required to obtain a work permit for self-employment. This visa can only be obtained after Slovenia business formation;
  • Documents required from our Client include i) valid passport ii) company incorporation certificate, iii) previous annual financial statements, iv) bank statements, and v) contracts and invoices for existing suppliers and customers;
  • Generally, we recommend our Clients to apply for visa, after the company has been operational for at least 6 months and is generating revenue. However, in case, our Client wishes to secure visa immediately after company setup, they are recommended to deposit at least i) 1 years’ worth of employee salary or ii) €100,000 into the bank account (whoever is higher) to optimize the probability of visa approval;

Employee visa

  • After Slovenia company formation, employers can apply for a work permit for non-EU foreigners. For the same, the company must demonstrate to the Slovenian authorities, there is no qualified local person available for the position;
  • In Slovenia, the work permits are issued by the Employment Service. Documents to be submitted to secure the same will include i) valid passport, ii) employer’s letter of sponsorship, iii) copies of employment contract, iv) proof that EU citizens were not denied the work opportunity and v) medical certificate;

Visitor visa

  • This visa is issued for 3 months for the purpose of either tourism or short-term business;
  • Documents required are i) valid passport, ii) bank statements to prove that the entire trip is covered iii) medical health insurance and iv) documents declaring purpose of the visit;

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