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Our bank account support services will include preparing the bank account application forms, collating the Know Your Customer documents from our Client; communicating with the banks relationship managers and compliance department. When required, our Team will also be happy to attend bank interviews and conference calls. Below is some general information on Slovenian banking and how we help our clients with bank account opening procedures.

  • Slovenia banking sector


    • Local Slovenian banks are the top 3 financial institutions by assets. Great options include: i) Nova Ljubljanska banka ii) Nova Kreditna banka Maribor and iii) SID banka. These large corporate and retails banks provide quality facilities to Clients, including online banking in English;
    • Alternatively, our Clients may also choose international banks, most of which are subsidiaries of either Central European or Italian banking groups including i) SKB bank ii) Raiffeisen bank and iii) Unicredit Group;
    • Healy Consultants recommends EU investors to choose local banks as these banks have less stringent due diligence policies and boast wide range of optimized services for local banking;
    • Clients who already have existing working relationship with European or International banks that have branches in Slovenia are at an advantage as KYC requirements and account opening procedures are significantly reduced.
  • Healy Consultants Slovenia corporate banking services

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    1. Healy Consultants will shelter our Clients from all administrative challenges during the account opening process. It is a difficult task to obtain bank account approval for a newly setup entity, especially considering the shareholders, directors and bank signatories are overseas residents;
    2. Initially, we will approach banks which require no travel for our Clients. If these banks are not satisfactory to our Clients, our experts will negotiate meticulously with the preferred banks to secure a travel exemption for the bank signatory. If our Client is still required to travel to Slovenia for corporate bank account opening, we commit to partially refund our Client: refer to our invoice for further details on the pre-agreed amount;
    3. It is important to note the banks enjoy ultimate power of approval for banking applications. Consequently, guaranteed success is outside our control. In the unfortunate event a bank declines our Client’s application, Healy Consultants will suggest corporate banking alternatives;
    4. If required, Healy Consultants can help our Clients obtain additional financial support for their start-up ideas in Slovenia:
      • sid bankBanks in Slovenia are open to provide extended credit facilities to increase their portfolio of non-resident Clients. Healy Consultants will help new start-ups secure corporate finance in the form of i) a convenient credit loan ii) short-term revolving credit lines iii) overdraft business credit card or iv) preferential terms for new businesses;
      • In order to secure the instruments described above, most major Slovenian banks will require substantial due diligence documentation, including: i) quality business plan with SWOT analysis ii) sufficient collateral iii) qualification and education proof of the management and iv) audited financial statements of an existing business (up to 3 years);
      • With the convenient location of the country, many entrepreneurs wish to obtain EU trade finance facilities. We will be happy to negotiate terms with local Slovenian banks, over services including i) long-term bank guarantees ii) letter of credit iii) finance against trust receipt (for imported goods) and iv) document against payment and against acceptance.
  • Opening a corporate bank account in Slovenia

    In order to open a corporate bank account on our Client’s behalf, Healy Consultants will proceed as below:


    • Assist to identify the optimal financial institution amongst the local and international banks available;
    • Open a capital bank account with Bank of Slovenia or other institution. This account will enable our Client to deposit the paid up share capital (legal minimum of €7,500);
    • Submit a complete corporate bank account opening application to the preferred bank including i) all bank forms signed off and ii) all due diligence documents completed;
    • Once the business bank account is approved, Healy Consultants will ensure our Client receives the correct internet banking usernames, login passwords and physical token devices to access and operate the bank account remotely.
  • Exchange controls and other regulation


    • On the 1st of March 2008, Slovenia introduced new Foreign exchange control Act;
    • Slovenia does not impose foreign exchange controls or specific restrictions on payments to foreign individuals and companies;
    • Both residents and non-residents in Slovenia are allowed to open bank accounts in foreign currencies, including €, US$ and any other currency available;
    • Bank of Slovenia, which is the country’s central bank, does not restrict the amounts of foreign currency that residents may hold in their bank accounts.

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