Interesting facts about Swaziland in 2024?

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  1. Swaziland is a small landlocked Southern African country almost completely surrounded by South Africa and bordered by Mozambique to the north;
  2. King Mswati III is the royal leader of the Swazi Kingdom, however the prime Minister and the Cabinet run the day to day government business;
  3. 70% of Swaziland population live below the poverty line with 40% of the population being unemployed;
  4. Swaziland’s life expectancy at 46 years is among one of the lowest in the world;
  5. Swaziland has two official languages, namely, Siswati that is majorly spoken by the Swazis and English, generally used when conducting government business;
  6. Swaziland gained independence in 1968. In 1973 the then King Sobhuza II abolished the constitution, dissolved the parliament and started an absolute monarchy;
  7. One of the top tourist attraction in Swaziland is Ngwenya mines, one of the oldest mines in the world, discovered in 1970;
  8. Major exports of Swaziland include cotton, sugar, citrus, canned fruit and refrigerators. South Africa is Swaziland’s major export market, taking up to 60% of their total exports;
  9. Swaziland maintains diplomatic and economic ties with the USA, UK, South Africa, Japan and South Korea among other countries.

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