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Despite the recent headlines, the country is still fondly referred to as the “Nation of Immigrants” and the “Land of Opportunity”. So, for all our Clients wishing to immigrate to the US to setup their businesses, Healy Consultants is pleased to offer our quality migration package. For further details, kindly refer to the information below.

Advantages of migration to USA

Our Clients and their families wish to relocate with to the US because:
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Healy Consultants migration package

For a fee of US$11,700, Healy Consultants will assist our Clients i) incorporate a US company ii) secure a local corporate bank account and iii) apply for residency permit. Kindly refer to the embedded PDF to view a detailed sales invoice. View invoice PDF
Healy Consultants will prepare and submit all the documents supporting the visa application, including i) a business plan detailing our Client’s proposed business activities ii) a comprehensive market analysis and iii) financial projections for the company. Kindly refer to the embedded PDF to view a detailed project plan of the engagement and timelines. View invoice PDF

Different types of USA visas

Entrepreneur visa

  • In May 2021, the Biden administration re-instated the International Entrepreneur Rule. This ‘Start Up’ visa enables eligible, qualified international entrepreneurs investing in a start-up to stay in the USA for two and a half years (with the possibility of extension) without requiring a work visa or green card.

Permanent residence visa

  • Our Clients incorporating a new company may apply for EB-5 Visa if they i) invest either US$500,000 (in a rural or high unemployment area) or US$1,000,000 (any other area in the US) and ii) create 10 full-time jobs in the 2 first two years after receiving the conditional visa;
  • Documents required for this visa will include i) a completed application (Form I-526) ii) proof of source of capital iii) proof of company formation and iv) detailed business plan (detailing investment details and the need to hire at least 10 employees). It is possible additional documents may be requested by the US Citizens and Immigration Services Department (USCIS), which administers this program;
  • The processing time for this visa can be up to 9 months. After the application has been approved, our Client will receive conditional permanent residence for 2 years. This visa can be unconditionally extended to provide permanent residence to our Client if they are able to satisfy all the requirements after a 2 year period.

Temporary residence visa

  • Our Clients from treaty countries may apply for the following two visas: i) E-1 visa if they wish to engage in trading activities or ii) E-2 visa if they wish to incorporate a new company (holding at least 50% shares) or invest a substantial amount of capital in a pre-existing US company;
  • Under this visa scheme, there is no minimum requirement for capital. However, entrepreneurs are expected to invest an amount which is deemed sufficient by the authorities to support i) the company’s operations and ii) the individual and his/her family. Additionally, for the E-1 visa, 50% of the trade activities must be between the US and the treaty country;
  • Documents required to apply for this visa will include i) a completed application (Form DS-160 and Form DS-156E) ii) proof of nationality iii) proof of business activity (including a business plan) iv) source of funds and v) other relevant supporting documents which may be requested by the authorities;
  • Upon approval, our Clients will receive a temporary residence visa for a period of 2 years. After 2 years, our Client may choose to extend the visa for another such period. There is no limit on the number of extensions a particular individual may be granted under this scheme.

Employment visa

While there are several categories of employment visa available, the applicable ones for our Clients will be the i) H-1B visa for employees who are eligible for specialty occupations and ii) L-1A visa and L-1B visa for employees to be transferred from a foreign office of a company to an affiliated US office.

H1-B Visa

  • To secure this visa, individuals must furnish the following: i) employment contract with a US company ii) proof of bachelor’s or higher degree and iii) detailed job description. Additionally, the employers will submit completed Form 9035 to the Employment and Training Administration and thereafter, Form I-129 to the USCIS;
  • Upon approval, the H-1B visa will allow an individual to live and work in the US for 3 years. While this visa may be extended by the employer and the employee, the cumulative period of the latter’s stay may not be more than 6 years. However, these employees are free to apply for a green card and obtain permanent residence in the US.

L-1A and L-2B Visa

  • These visas allow companies to transfer their employees from one office to another affiliated office in the US. The L-1A visa applies only to executives or managers while the L-1B visa applies to individuals with occupations involving specialized knowledge;
  • Both these visas are valid for an initial period of 3 years and can be extended for an additional 2 years. However, the L-1A visa permits a total stay of 5 years while the L-1B visa permits a total stay of 7 years. Also, if an individual is travelling to the US for the purpose of setting up a new office, the initial stay will be limited to 1 year.

Short term visa

  • Our Clients wishing to travel to the US for a short trip will apply for either a B-1 visa or a B-2 visa. The B-1 visa is recommended when i) meeting business associates ii) attending business conventions and iii) negotiating contracts in the US. On the other hand, the B-2 visa will be applied for non-monetary short term trips including i) tourism and ii) medical treatment;
  • Documents required for application are i) a valid passport ii) completed and signed Form DS-160 iii) a return ticket and iv) bank statements to prove the applicant can cover his/her expenses during the stay. The maximum permissible length of stay will be 6 months. After this period is over, it is possible to apply for an extension of 6 months.

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