Zambia employment visas/permits in 2024

Zambia offers multiple visa options for foreigners looking to either i) establish businesses and operate from Zambia ii) obtain employment on short of long-term basis iii) travel to the country on short term business trips of for tourism purposes. Healy Consultants Group has a lot of experience in this field and will be happy to assist our international clients obtain the required permit/visa. More details below on some of the available work permit options:

Investor’s Permit

  • Foreign investors who have established a business, invested in Zambia or is intending to establish a business can apply for this permit. The holder of this permit is only allowed to engage in the business specified;
  • This permit is valid for 10 years renewable and allows the investor and his family (wife and children) multiple entry and stay in Zambia for the period of permit validity;
  • To qualify for an investor permit, the investor must first obtain an investor license from the Zambia Development Agency. Thereafter the applicant will secure a residence permit or self-employed permit;
  • Additionally, to apply for this permit, an applicant must invest a minimum of i) US$150,000 if investing an already established business or ii) US$250,000 if investing in a new venture;
  • The documents required to obtain an investor license include i) certificate of registration and share capital ii) list of shareholder and directors iii) business plan and/or feasibility study iv) proof of project finance;

Employment Permit

  • This permit is suitable for foreign nationals looking to enter Zambia to take up employment opportunities in the country for a period exceeding six months;
  • An employment permit can be extended for up to a maximum of ten years from the date of issue. The applicant must be outside of Zambia during the initial application process until approval is granted;
  • Our Clients interested in establishing a company in Zambia to employ foreign nationals for period exceeding six months will find this permit option the optimum solution. Healy Consultants Group assists our Clients with the application process;
  • Certain documents required for application include i) cover letter from employer ii) employment contract iii) police clearance iv) valid passport v) certified company documents and applicant academic qualifications;

Temporary Employment Permit

  • This work permit option is recommended for business visitors or experts on intending to stay in Zambia and work on short term projects;
  • This permit is valid for only 3 months and can only be renewed for a further maximum of 3 months and must be applied for while the applicant is in Zambia;
  • The documents required include i) two passport size photographs ii) certified copy of valid passport iii) a cover letter from the employee to the Director General of Immigration detailing the type of intended work;

Residence Permit

  • This permit gives the holder permanent residence in Zambia and can only be issued to applicants who have been ordinarily and lawfully resident in Zambia;
  • People who qualify permanent residence permit include i) holders of investor permit for at least 3 years or who have been in employment for 10 years ii) children of residence permit holders and spouse permit holders for at least 5 years and iii) retirees;

Business Visa

  • Our Clients looking to visit Zambia for various short-term activities including i) business meetings and conferences ii) seminars and corporate events iii) business prospect missions and benchmarking iv) sign contracts v) provide consultations or advise and v) training or learning;
  • A business visa can be obtained from the Zambian Embassy in an applicant’s country of residence and can be valid for the period of the stated purpose;

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