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Supporting Chinese business - visas applicationSome of our Clients forming a company in China are thereafter willing to relocate to this country or to hire foreign staff. In such cases, Healy Consultants is pleased to assist them to draft a high quality visa application then submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to maximize the chances of visa approval. Our Firm also prepares a comprehensive business plan detailing our Client’s proposed business activities in China, a market analysis and financial projections, and a convincing outline of reasons for migration to China. Our fees for these services amount to US$3,950. Please find below an overview of the different categories of visas available in China.

Entrepreneur visa

  • Foreign investors who start a company in China can thereafter apply for permanent residence. In order to meet the requirements, applicants must invest at least US$500,000 over three years, or have made an investment of US$500,000 in foreign industries approved by the Chinese government. Furthermore, all supporting documents of the newly formed China company will be required for a successful application;
  • Examples of supporting documents required are i) a passport valid for 6 months ii) China incorporation certificates iii) tax certificates iv) proof of investments v) bank account statements and vi) proof of no criminal records.

Employment visa

  • After China business formation, there are several types of employment visas available for foreigners depending on the country of residence of the foreign national, and the duration of stay required in China. Normally employment visas are valid for a year and can be extended depending on the employer;
  • Employees who wish to stay in China for a longer period can apply for a temporary residence permit in China. This permit is valid for a period of 5 years allowing multiple entries into China, allowing the foreign national to work or study in China. The supporting documents required are similar to that of a normal employment visa, however an accommodation registration printout from the nearest agency of the Ministry of Public Security is also required;
  • Employment visa applications can be submitted at any Chinese consulate and embassy with the relevant supporting documents. Examples of supporting documents required are i) a passport valid for 6 months ii) proof of medical check-up iii) transcripts iv) a proof of employment v) proof of no criminal records.

Visitor visa

  • If you are not on the list of China visa exempt countries, you will need to apply for a visa to enter China. In order to successfully apply for a visitor visa, you will need a passport with at least 6 months validity and all the necessary supporting documents, such as photographs and a completed visa application form. All applications can be submitted at any Chinese Embassy or Consulate. The average time required to issue a visitor visa is 4 working days with a fee of US$30 for a single entry permit;
  • For a business visa, the process is similar to a visitor visa, however, in order to obtain a visa allowing you to conduct business in China, you will require a letter from the host company, organizer of an event, or the Chinese government as a supporting document.

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