Getting a residence visa

Getting a residence visaTo help you and your family relocate to this country, please answer the following questions, then press the Send button at the bottom of the page.

Within 1 business day, our international migration expert Mr. Simon will ring you to discuss your migration plans.

  • To get a residence visa

    What skills do you have?
    What family relatives are already there?
    Do you have friends already there?
    In what city do you plan to live?
    Do you need a job or will you start a new business?
    What US$ savings are you bringing with you?
    What family members will be accompanying you?
    Do you plan to purchase or rent local housing? If so, what is your US$ budget for this project?
    Do you need Healy Consultants to find a school for your children?

    Do you need Healy Consultants to assist finding employment for your spouse or children?
  • Tell us about you?

    Where are you currently living?

    What is your nationality?

    Do you have a second passport?

    How old are you?
    How many years are you married?
    What is the nationality of your spouse?

    Do you have children? If so, how old are they?
    What is your current employment situation?
    What is your previous work experience?
    Are you currently the owner of a business?
    Are you currently the manager or the director of a business?
    What was your US$ annual income in 2016?
    Do you also plan to start a local business? If so, what is your US$ budget for this new business set up?
    If so, do you already have customers and suppliers in the country of registration of the business?
    If so, how many local staff do you plan to hire i) one month and ii) one year after business registration?
  • Your preferences

    For now, do you prefer Healy Consultants PLC staff to phone you, or just email reply some visa solutions?
    If a phone call, on what number can our senior Consultant call you?
    If an email, what email address can our Consultant email you at?
    What is your preferred date and time for a phone call?
    In what language do you prefer Healy Consultants Group PLC to communicate with you?