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  1. The Republic of Estonia is in the Baltic region of Northern Europe;
  2. The population of Estonia is approximately 1.4 million. The two major ethnic groups are Estonians and Russians;
  3. Estonia didn’t adopt the Euro until the start of 2011;
  4. The most important industry sectors for Estonia are food, construction, electronics and chemicals. Oil shale, limestone and forests (cover 50% of the country) are amongst Estonia’s most abundant natural resources;
  5. The Estonian language comes from the Finno-Ugric language family (as is Finnish & Hungarian) and is considered very difficult to learn;
  6. Estonia is considered to have one of the lowest population densities on earth, with just 32 people per square kilometer. Compare that to Singapore which has approximately 7,300;
  7. Skype software originated from Estonians.

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