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Oman free zones

    Oman free trade zones corporate services
  1. Oman has three Free Trade Zones (FTZ) including i) Al Mazyona ii) Sohar and iii) Salalah. Specific free zones benefits include i) 100% foreign ownership, ii) 50 years’ tax exemption iii) lower Omanization requirements (10%) and iv) zero customs duties;
  2. Oman free zones are suitable for foreign companies intending to use Oman as a regional manufacturing or distribution base. Free zones are mainly for import- and export-oriented companies who only require an office in Oman;
  3. Oman also has nine “Industrial Estates” offering some advantages including i) low rental and energy prices ii) customs exemptions and iii) a five year corporate tax exemption. Knowledge Oasis Muscat allows for 100% foreign ownership for technology companies.


  1. FZ companies may be 100% foreign owned;
  2. There are no minimum share capital requirements for free zone business;
  3. There are no corporate taxes on free zone companies for ten years thanks to a tax holiday incentive;
  4. No duties are imposed on goods imported and exported from the free zone;
  5. Oman free trade zone companies are allowed to trade within Oman without a local agent. A customs duty of 5% applies in these cases.


  1. It is mandatory to rent premises within the free zone;
  2. At least 10% of the free zone company’s staff must be locals;
  3. Company licenses are renewable annually after FZ laws are complied with including submitting annual audited financial statements to the free zone authority;
  4. The free zones in Oman are still under construction and lack many of the conveniences of those in the UAE. Customer service is poor.

Commercial considerations

Free zone activities allowed include i) importing raw materials ii) manufacturing iii) processing, assembling and packaging iv) exporting finished products v) storing or warehousing products.

Al Mazunah

  1. Established in 1999, Al Mazunah offers 100% foreign ownership and 30 years of tax free operations. If a large number of Oman nationals are hired, then this tax holiday may be extended indefinitely;
  2. Unlike the rest of Oman, where 30% of employees must be Omani nationals, an Al Mazunah company must only hire 10% locals. Yemeni citizens working for Al Mazunah companies do not require work permits;
  3. The free zone is located 4km from the Yemeni border in south west Oman, and spans 450 hectares. Suitable industries include light crafting, commercial sales, and services.


  1. Salalah opened in 2005 and is still under active development. Once finished with all four phases of development, it will cover an area of 19 square kilometers;
  2. The free zone is adjacent to the super hub port of Salalah on the main equatorial trade routes;
  3. The free zone is particularly suitable for chemical and material processing, manufacturing and assembly, and logistics and distribution;
  4. Licenses offered are for i) general trading, ii) specialized trading of defined products, iii) services, and iv) industrial applications.


  1. The Sohar free zone is still in development. Once finished it will be 4500 hectares on the Sohar Port. The port will cluster business into the following industries: steel manufacturing and processing, trade and logistics, oil and gas, petrochemicals, minerals and aggregates industry, ceramics, food, food logistics and food processing;
  2. Licensing can be i) industrial licensing, ii) light manufacturing and assembly, and iii) logistics;
  3. It will offer 100% foreign ownership and 10 years of tax free operations. If a large number of Oman nationals are hired, then this tax holiday may be extended indefinitely;
  4. The free zone authorities boast “one-stop-shop” incorporation procedures, shortening business setup to under three weeks, making a Sohar company registration worth considering.

Comparison of freezones

 Al MazunahSalalahSohar
License costVariousVariousVarious
Share capitalUS$1US$1US$1
Warehouse space 2000 sq metresUS$2,600US$2,600US$2,600
Customer servicePoorPoorPoor
Office space availabilityLimitedManyMany
Public registrar of companies?YesNoNo
Open 24 hours a day?YesYesYes
Company shareholders allowed?YesYesYes
Must rent a free zone office?YesYesYes
Incorporation period4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
Shelf companies allowed?NoNoNo
Minimum directors allowed111
Wholly foreign owned?YesYesYes
Corporate directors allowed?YesYesYes
Oman resident company secretary required?YesYesYes
Can apply for immigration visas?YesYesYes
Type of companyLimited liabilityLimited liabilityLimited liability
Annual audited financial statements?YesYesYes
Annual license renewal?YesYesYes
Healy Consultants feesUS$30,700US$30,700US$30,700

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