Oman Public Relations Officer (PRO) in 2024

All Omani mainland and free zone companies planning to hire local and expatriate staff must first appoint a local Public Relations Officer (PRO). This Arabic-speaking individual performs a vital role, acting as a liaison between the company and government authorities such as the labour and tax agencies. Crucially, the PRO shields the business owner and management teams from time consuming, bureaucratic formalities.

Oman PRO responsibilities

Despite the title, the PRO’s responsibilities are predominantly administrative:

  • Processing and submitting visa applications to the Ministry of Manpower;
  • Collecting labour cards from the Royal Oman Police;
  • Processing visa renewals and cancellations for employees;
  • Handling licence applications, for example with free zone authorities;
  • Collecting due diligence for job applicants, in accordance with Oman government regulations;
  • Liaising with government agencies and organisations, and keeping track of changes in Omani company and labour laws and regulations;
  • Assisting the company secure accommodation and transport for expatriate, and registering staff with immigration authorities and the local municipality;
  • Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies, and representing the company at the Ministry of Finance.

PRO skillset

  • In-depth knowledge of, and experience with, dealing with local government departments, including Free Zone regulators. In our experience, in Oman as well as other GCC countries, it helps greatly if the PRO can leverage wasta, or influence, in government departments to legally expedite processes;
  • An operational understanding of Oman labour, employment, corporate and immigration laws;
  • Proficiency in i) writing and speaking Arabic and English and ii) due diligence collection and preparation as required by local regulatory bodies;
  • Familiarity with government e-services.

Healy Consultants’ Oman PRO services

  • The PRO plays a pivotal role in an Omani company. Our multinational Clients require someone they can trust to carry out important legal and administrative functions on behalf of the company;
  • To minimise risk and cost, we recommend our Client appoints an existing Omani national staff member;
  • That said, Healy Consultants Group will supply a professional resident PRO, suitably qualified and vetted by our team, for a fee of US$3,950;
  • On behalf of our Client, Healy Consultants Group will i) conduct initial candidate interviews ii) shortlist up to five candidates iii) liaise with our preferred human resource agencies in Oman and iv) collect and review candidate due diligence;
  • Within three business weeks, our team will supply our Client with a minimum of five resumes of suitably-qualified candidates. Most qualified candidates will be based in Muscat;
  • Following appointment, the monthly PRO wage (estimated at around US$1,300) will be paid directly by our Client;

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