Oman visas for foreign investors in 2024

  • Investor Residence Visa

    • This visa is only available for entrepreneurs and investors relocating to Oman to manage their business. It is valid for a two-years (renewable) and is ideal for investors holding shares in a local company;
    • The investor must i) seek approval from Ministry of Commerce and Industry ii) obtain an investor work permit from Ministry of Manpower and iii) obtain residency visas from the Directorate General of Passport and Residence (DGPR);
    • Documents required include i) a valid passport, ii) a copy of partnership certificate iii) labour permit from Ministry of Manpower and iv) a certificate of membership of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
    • Healy Consultants recommends our Clients invest at least US$100,000 to optimise chances of visa approval.
  • Employment visas

    • This visa is for expatriate employees sponsored by an Omani company or Omani national. It is valid for two years (renewable);
    • To qualify for an employment visa, an employee must i) be between 21 and 60 years old ii) show a copy of an employment contract iii) provide academic/professional qualifications and iv) provide an employer sponsorship letter;
    • Following Oman company formation, our Clients must prove i) existence of work contracts with third parties or ii) that the activity requires foreign expertise. The number of visas a company can sponsor depends on the size of the office space occupied.
  • Steps to secure an Oman Employment Visa

    • Healy Consultants prepares a quality Labour Permit application and submits it to the Ministry of Manpower. The employment visa requires the employer to secure labour clearance from the Ministry of Manpower;
    • For an Employment Visa application, we will submit on behalf of our Client i) two passport-sized photos ii) original passport and one clear copy with six months’ validity iii) original Labor permit and one copy issued by Ministry of Manpower iv) a job offer or signed contract with an Omani-registered company v) medical fitness certificate attested by the Ministry of Health and/or vi) special permits from Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
    • For the transfer of sponsorship within Oman, a release letter must be obtained from the previous employer and approved by the Directorate General of Labor;
    • After the Employment Visa is issued, we apply for a residence card for our Client. At this stage, our Client will need to travel to Oman with the Employment Visa, and visit the Royal Oman Police to rubber stamp the visa and apply for the residence card;
    • The employee will undergo a medical fitness test at a local medical centre and biometric information is taken by the police;
    • Having collected the data, an Oman resident card with two-year validity is issued by Directorate General of Civil Status in the Royal Oman Police within just 15-30 minutes.

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