Dedicated Company Secretary Officer in 2024

Healy Consultants is looking for a quality candidate with a Bachelors or Master Degree in Accounting, Business Administration or Law.

The candidate should have a minimum of 2 years work experience in a relevant business field, preferably in a business administration position.

To assist our valued multinational candidates conclude if this engaging role is suitable for them, we prepared this detailed web page of information:

Please send your job application to the following email address: Email sent to other addresses will not receive any response.

Press the headings below to receive updated and relevant information about the Dedicated Company Secretary Officer

  • Roles and responsibilities

    • The officer ensures all relevant statutory obligations are met according to the country’s company laws and regulations, such as: i) maintaining statutory records and registers; ii) organize director and shareholder meetings on an annual basis; iii) file changes and updates to company particulars to the country’s business register;
    • An important aspect of this position is the timely and adequate support to the Client company, including: i) administrative and legal support for board meetings, ii) assist in implementation of specific strategies and decision and iii) assist in shareholder communication as per country legal obligations;
    • The officer will also serve as an advisor to the company directors and provide practical support that is needed during the board meetings;
    • The officer will also become specialist in information sharing with shareholders, ensuring they are prepared to take part in the decision making process at the company’s Annual General Meeting;
    • To become specialist in multiple business administration topics important for our Clients, such as tax, banking, logistics, legal, regulatory and immigration. During the engagement, the employee will assist in planning of fees, costs and profitability of each engagement;
    • While most of the tasks and aspects of the role will be described in the country’s company law and secretary obligations, the role involves significant need of growing problem solving skills when faced with engagement challenges;
    • Reporting directly to the Head of the Client Engagements Department and Accounting updating them with i) Client engagement challenges and solutions ii) director and shareholder communication, iii) new business initiatives and iv) corporate law and business administration changes.
  • What qualities are we looking for?

    • An officer with a keen eye for legal and compliance obligations and interest to maintain clean company maintenance record;
    • A practical individual who can efficiently and effectively project manage multiple Clients’ company structure changes requirements and their ongoing periodical statutory requirements;
    • A professional with a strong understanding of corporate environment, involved in i) minimal company maintenance requirements and ii) successfully leading communication with various departments, directors, shareholder and multiple company stakeholders for our international Clients;
    • An open-minded professional able to handle communication with Clients and Government bodies from all nationalities, backgrounds and religions without compromising a high-quality business etiquette;
    • A specialist able to complete difficult engagements and converting what appears complex down to a few simple engagement steps;
    • A multi-tasker with strong time-management skills who can advance multiple in-house corporate projects. Examples of projects include i) removing directors of multinational corporations, ii) finding solutions to annual statutory obligations requirements and iii) devising compliance strategies and iv) drafting quality and attractive webpage content.
  • What will you experience at Healy Consultants over the coming year?

    • Important skills that our compliance and business administration managers will find challenging include: i) improving their project management and time management skills, ii) maintaining clean record for company law compliance and communication excellence, iii) significant progress in their problem-solving skills. After just a few months you will be able to get a lot done while taking a few simple steps;
    • Your international knowledge of company formation, statutory records maintenance, annual board meetings and accounting and tax obligations will vastly improve as you research each country, consequently becoming an expert;
    • Your economic writing will vastly improve as you accumulate micro and macro-economic data from reputable sources such as PWC and Deloitte;
    • You will be offered professional freedom to create and develop new business ideas, and later market them to a vast Client base of global business leaders.
  • What we can offer you:

    • A competitive salary with opportunities to earn bonuses based on clean record;
    • Learning the business annual company maintenance cycle in every country on the planet, including accounting and tax and economics and legal considerations;
    • A place in a fast paced, challenging, fresh and growing e-commerce firm with high professional standards;
    • Opportunities to work in multiple global offices in most continents.
  • How we proceed with recruitment

    • Please email your cover letter and resume to our HR Department:;
    • Within 24 hours, The HR Department will email you a questionnaire together with preliminary aptitude and background tests;
    • HR will then complete a Skype interview with you;
    • Immediately thereafter, our Client engagement team will ask you to complete some virtual Company Secretary tasks to determine the quality of your output;
    • Following successful completion of the above, you will complete a Skype interview with a Senior Compliance or Accounting manager;
    • Following successful completion of the above, you will conduct a Skype or face to face interview with Mr. Aidan Healy;
    • Following successful completion of the above, an offer of employment will be emailed to you pending receipt of positive past employer reference checks;
    • Following receipt of positive professional references from past employers, Healy Consultants and the successful candidate will sign the employment contract and agree a start date;
    • If required, Healy Consultants secures a valid work and residence visa from the relevant country authority;
    • If required, for foreign employees, we can help our employee secure permanent accommodation.

Contact us

If you think you have what it takes to flourish in our fast-paced, solutions-orientated work environment, you can email us at or call us in our head office at (+65) 6735 0120 or Skype us: healyconsultants