Seven steps to secure a turnkey solution for our Client in 2024

For our Clients who need immediate corporate solutions, Healy Consultants Group offers turnkeys. Within a week, we supply our Client i) an already-established company registration number and address and ii) an already-approved corporate bank account with e-banking activated.

Our Firm will complete ownership transfer appointing our Client as 100% shareholder and bank signatory of the already-approved corporate bank account. Refer to the section below for further details on the steps.

  • Engagement Planning

    Consultation phase
    Prior to starting the engagement, we discuss our i) Client’s business goals ii) requirements for the turnkey solution iii) recommend optimal jurisdiction and existing solution for our Client iv) fees payable for the engagement and v) desirable amendments to the model articles and memorandum of association. Thereafter, Our Client i) settles Healy Consultants Group’s engagement fee ii) signs and returns our Client Engagement Letter and iii) provides us all the due diligence documents, required by our Compliance Team.

    Planning Phase:
    We supply our Client with a detailed project plan, mapping out weekly deliverables to engagement completion, including i) company share transfer and ii) appointment of our Client as bank signatory, thereby increasing transparency as well as setting Client expectations and minimising disruption to project completion.

  • Company transfer

    Document Preparation:
    Healy Consultants Group’s in-house country experts prepare thorough share transfer documents pack including i) Client’s desired corporate structure changes ii) name change, if required and iii) revised Memorandum of Articles. Healy Consultants Group requests our Client to review and supply signed scans of the documents.

    Corporate Structure changes:
    Within two weeks, the company’s corporate structure, name and business activity is modified as per our Client’s requirements. Our Firm immediately emails our Client with the updated Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Articles.

  • Bank signatory appointment

    Bank Profile Update:
    Healy Consultants will provide full disclosure to international banks regarding i) change in company business and ownership ii) expected bank inflows and outflows iii) change of shareholders and directors and iv) change of beneficial owners. The banks’ internal Legal and Compliance Department need to complete their detailed due diligence procedures.

    Appointment of new signatory:
    Our Client signs the bank forms to appoint themselves as sole signatory and courier returns them to Healy Consultants Group. Depending on the jurisdiction of the turnkey solution, our Client may be required to travel to complete bank signatory appointment.

    Engagement completion:
    Following receipt of all necessary approvals and documents, Healy Consultants Group supplies a full company kit to our Client, including original corporate documents, unopened bank correspondences, and lastly a Client feedback survey to make sure that all Client expectations were met during the entire engagement period.


Our Client now has the complete ownership already-established company as 100% shareholder and is appointed as the sole bank signatory of the already-approved corporate bank account.

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