Ajman client case studies

  • Senegalese Client establishes a company in Ajman Free Zone


    • Our client is a Senegalese national who started his successful career as a banker in senior positions with multiple banks including Citigroup, Standard Charter Bank and JPMorgan for over 10 years. Following his retirement, he ventured into Freelance Financial Consultancy focusing primarily on structuring and arranging infrastructure finance for governments in Africa and Emerging Markets as well as commodity and bonds trading;
    • Our client contacted Healy Consultants Group PLC in December 2017 seeking to establish an offshore entity in UAE for his international financial consultancy business. Following discussions with our Client re his intended business, Healy Consultants recommended our Client incorporate an Ajman offshore entity to be able to carry on properly its operation;

    Engagement planning

    • Healy Consultants Group PLC prepared and emailed our Client an engagement advancement proposal including a formal invoice, engagement letter and due diligence checklist and a list of our existing and past client for professional refence;
    • Our Client promptly provided us with the due diligence documents and settled our fees in full. Thereafter, Healy Consultants Group PLC prepared a detailed engagement project plan mapping out a step by step the engagement process. Healy Consultants also prepared a quality business plan to assist with corporate bank account opening in UAE;

    Ajman Free Zone registration

    • Healy Consultants Group PLC firstly confirmed the Clients preferred corporate structure and confirmed with the Ajman Free Zone authorities that our Client did not require a business regulatory license;
    • Healy Consultants Group PLC secured our Client’s preferred company name with the Ajman Free Zone;
    • Healy Consultants Group PLC then prepared the required list of documents and a Power of Attorney and emailed the same to our Client for signature and courier return to our Dubai office;
    • Upon receipt of the original documents from our Client, Healy Consultants Group PLC submitted the complete quality offshore company registration application;
    • Within 1-day, Healy Consultants Group PLC obtained the approval of the Ajman Free Zone authorities, and successfully registered our Client’s Ajman company as a legal entity. Immediately thereafter Healy Consultants Group PLC emailed our Client the certificate of incorporation;

    Corporate bank account opening

    • Healy Consultants Group PLC approached multiple UAE banks to secure in writing their interest for our Client’s business activity;
    • Healy Consultants Group PLC then prepared the required bank due diligence, including bank account opening forms and scheduled multiple meetings with Dubai banks in accordance with our Client’s preference;
    • Upon meeting with the bank officers at Healy Consultants Group PLC Dubai office, three banks expressed their interest to take on board our Client’s business;
    • Our Client decided to proceed with First Abu Dhabi Bank first, Healy Consultants signed the necessary bank forms on behalf of our Client;
    • Within 1 week thereafter, First Abu Dhabi Bank compliance department approved the multicurrency corporate bank account. The bank directly emailed our Client the corporate bank account numbers;
    • Within 2 weeks thereafter Healy Consultants Group PLC collected the internet banking token from the bank and couriered the same to our Client’s preferred address;

    Engagement completion

    • Together with the internet banking tokens, Healy Consultants couriered the i) company kit comprising original corporate documents ii) bank correspondence and iii) Client satisfaction survey to our Client’s preferred address in Senegal.

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