Gabon special economic zones in 2023

register company in Gabon's free zoneHealy Consultants will be pleased to assist our Clients to register their company in Gabon’s free zones (GSEZs). The Gabonese Government has launched 2 Special Economic Zones (SEZs)i) Nkok SEZ and ii) Mandji Tax-free Zone. These Gabon SEZs offer multiple benefits including:

  • 100% corporate tax exemption for 10 years;
  • No restrictions on hiring foreign labor;
  • 100% exemption from i) withholding tax ii) property tax iii) VAT and iv) import duties for 25 years;
Summary at a GlanceNkok SEZMandji Tax-free Zone
Total area available (in hectares)1,1001,500
FTZs used mostly by which industry?TimberOil & Gas
Average annual Industrial space rent per 1000 sq. m.US$65,000US$65,000
How long to set the company up?3 months3 months
How long to open company bank account?4 weeks4 weeks
Quality of UtilitiesFairFair
Allowed to sign sales contracts with Gabon Clients?YesYes
Allowed to invoice Gabon Clients?YesYes
Corporate tax payable in Gabon for 10 years0%0%
Corporate bank accountCitibank GabonCitibank Gabon
Physical office space requiredYesYes
Industrial space availabilityManyMany
Allowed to import raw materials?YesYes
Allowed to export goods?YesYes
Wholly foreign ownedYesYes
Can the entity hire expatriate staff in Gabon?YesYes
Minimum number of directors11
Minimum number of shareholders11
Tax registration certificate requiredYesYes
Individual shareholders allowedYesYes
Corporate shareholders allowedYesYes
Corporate director(s) allowedNoNo
Public register of shareholders and directorsYesYes
LLC company allowed?YesYes
Can apply for immigration visasYesYes
Annual audited financial statementsYesYes

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