Vietnam employment visas in 2024

business formation and corporate planning in VietnamAfter incorporating a company in Vietnam, an entrepreneur may require Vietnam business visa solutions for them to work and reside in the country. Healy Consultants Group will assist our Clients in obtaining the relevant visas from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam (MOFA). There is a wide array of visas available from MOFA, we will i) advise our Clients in determining the most suitable visa for both themselves and their potential employees, and ii) prepare high quality application to MOFA for increased probability of work permit approval.

DT visa (investor’s visa)

  • DT visas allow foreign investors to work in Vietnam for up to 5 years. Application is made at any Vietnamese Consulate and take up to 10 days to process;
  • Currently, there is no official minimum investment amount for a DT visa application. Healy Consultants Group would recommend an upward investment of US$200,000;
  • DT business visa requirements include i) submission of application form; ii) proof of legal status; iii) certification of investment; iv) certified true copy of license and v) temporary residence registration.

LD visa (work permit)

  • All foreigners working in Vietnam are required to hold a LD visa. These visas have a validity of up to 2 years. Application is made at any Vietnamese Consulate and may take up to 10 days to process;
  • To receive the work permit, applicants must i) possess a degree or have high degree of specialized knowledge; ii) be over 18 years of age; iii) be in good health condition and iv) have a clean criminal record;
  • Application for LD visa can also be made by the employer in Vietnam on behalf of the employee;
  • Documents required for the application include i) application form; ii) educational certificate or proof of work experience; iii) proof of clean (criminal) records; iv) work permission application letter and v) medical certificate;
  • The Government requires all documents to be certified, notarized and translated into Vietnamese prior to submission.

Temporary residence card (TRC)

  • Foreign nationals working in Vietnam may apply for a temporary resident card for their accompanying family members. Application for the temporary residence card is made at the provincial immigration department and will allow its holder to reside in the country for up to 2 years;
  • The temporary residence card may be used in place of a passport when travelling around Vietnam and will act as an entry visa when traveling back into Vietnam. A holder of temporary residence card need not apply for visa;
  • Documents required for application include i) application form; ii) work permit; iii) employer’s certificate of incorporation and iv) house’s lease contract.

For shorter-term business visits to Vietnam, Clients may consider the following:

Short-term visa

  • Entrepreneurs may apply for a 3-months single/multiple entry visa for business visits to Vietnam;
  • Likewise, application can be made at any Vietnam consulate and will take about a week to process;
  • Documents required include i) application forms, ii) flight itinerary (for multiple entries visa) and iii) invitation letter from Vietnamese counterpart.

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