Success tips when doing business in Vietnam in 2024

doing business in Vietnam

Tips when setting up your business

  • It is imperative that you are well versed with all the requirements pertaining to registration and licensing applicable to your business;
  • Multiple Vietnamese Government agencies handle registration and licensing of business and navigation of these processes can be taxing;
  • In this regard, we encourage our Clients to consistently use and sign contracts of service with suppliers when setting up;
  • The level of bureaucracy in Vietnam can be challenging and processing of official documents and permits can take quite a long time;
  • Always make sure to appoint a nominee partner knowledgeable in your field of business and its challenges in Vietnam.

Tips when doing business with Vietnamese

  • Business success depends on personal relationships. As a result, it is important to invest time in establishing good working relationships and building trust with Vietnamese business people;
  • Preparing presentations, minimising the use of words and maximising graphs, charts and visuals eases communication with Vietnamese-speaking businesspeople;
  • Negotiations in Vietnam can be prolonged, since most decisions are made by group consultation. Maintaining patience is vital;
  • Great respect is placed on authority and seniority in Vietnam. To be taken seriously, a high ranking representative of your company should be present in all important meetings with Vietnamese suppliers and Clients;
  • Ideally, the most senior person in the team should enter the room first and greet the most senior Vietnamese representative;
  • The aim of initial meetings is usually to get to know one another. Do not expect business negotiations to begin immediately;
  • Allow your counterpart plenty of time to express his/her opinion. Avoid dominating the conversation but try to listen to and understand what your counterpart is thinking.

Interesting facts about Vietnam

History and culture

  • Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation on the South China Sea bordering China, Cambodia, Laos and the Gulf of Thailand;
  • The country is the world’s 14th most populated country with a populous of 95million inhabitants with 13.5% of the population living below the poverty line;
  • The Vietnamese language is quite difficult to learn; it contains six different tones and a change in tone can completely change the meaning of the word;
  • The most common surname in Vietnam is Nguyen and almost 40% of the country’s population share the name;
  • The traditional Vietnamese culture evolves around core values of community, humanity, family and harmony.

Current events and economy

  • Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice and world’s largest exporter of cashew nuts;
  • Although still a developing country, Vietnam has a high literacy rate of 94%;
  • The country also has one of the lowest unemployment rates of just 2.06% among developing economies;
  • The most popular mode of transport in Vietnam is motorbikes with at least 10 million bikes on the road daily;
  • According to Save the Elephants Organization, Vietnam has one of the biggest illegal ivory markets in the world.

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