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Business visas application and migration procedures for foreign entrepreneursForeigners do not require Brazil visas in order to open a company in Brazil. After company formation in Brazil is complete, foreigners will also be able to visit Brazil to oversee the investment, by applying for a tourist or business visa. These visas only allow short stay visits (usually below three months). Our Clients willing to play a more active role after formation of they Brazil subsidiary can also request our Firm to assist them with the application for a work permit.

The country has a large network of visa-free agreements which will ease entry procedures applicable for entrepreneurs willing to proceed to Brazil business formation. Citizens of most South American countries may indeed enter Brazil without a visa or a passport, requiring only an identity card. Nationals from the EU, the UK, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, New Zealand and other countries do not require a visa to do business in Brazil for up to 90 days.

Entrepreneur visas

  • Investors Visas: This type of visa is valid for a period of five years and is issued to those who start a new company in Brazil or invest in an already existing company. After those five years, the investor may apply for an extension of other 5 years and after ten years, the investor will be eligible for a permanent resident;
  • Permanent visa: This type of visa can be obtained with a minimum initial investment of US$63,770 at Brazilian company formation, alongside a business plan that shows the intention to recruit Brazilian workers. Drafting this business plan is included amongst professional Brazil company formation services provided by our Firm. If the capital investment is US$255,000 or more, a business plan is not needed. In both cases, registration of the investment at the Brazilian Central Bank is required;
  • Short stay business visa: This type of visa is for people staying short term in Brazil who wish to conduct business. The maximum number of days for this purpose is 90 days.

Employment visas

Temporary residence/Brazil work visa: people wishing to live and work in Brazil may let the company apply for this visa through Immigration Division of the Ministry of Labor. Educational qualification, work experience and other documents must be translated to Portuguese and legalized by the consulate.

Visitor visas

Tourist Visa: people staying for short term in Brazil that are not conducting business, work or study in the country may enter under a tourist visa. Generally the maximum number of days is 90, but an extension may be requested.

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