Brazil employment visas in 2024

Business visas application and migration procedures for foreign entrepreneursForeigners do not require Brazil visas in order to open a company in Brazil. After the company formation is complete, foreigners are able to visit Brazil to oversee the investment, by applying for a business visa. For Clients willing to pay a more active role after formation of their Brazilian company may also request a permeant visa. Healy Consultants will assist our Clients to submit a high-quality visa application with the Brazilian Government.

  • Temporary visas

    1. Business visits: temporary visas are granted for foreigners that wish to go to Brazil for business purposes;
      • Single and multiple entry visas are available, the last one valid for up to 5 years;
      • Foreigners holding this type of visa are only allowed to stay in Brazil for 90 days, which can be renewed once;
      • The application can be done directly with the Embassy at the Client’s home country;
      • Companies cannot appoint foreigners holding temporary visas as legal representatives of Brazilian companies.
    2. Work visas: companies that wish to hire foreign employees may apply for a temporary work visa;
      • Companies must ensure that i) the job cannot be filled with Brazilian nationals and ii) that the ratio of 1 foreigner for every 2 Brazilian is observed;
      • The visa is granted for up to two years, which must be the maximum duration of the work contract;
      • This visa can be renewed for an additional 2 years, or it can be transformed into a permanent work visa;
      • Application requires authorization by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.
    3. Temporray visas are also granted for foreigners that wish to go to Brazil for i) internships ii) conferences iii) participation in sport events.
  • Permanent Visas

    1. Investor visa: Foreigners that wish to invest in Brazil may apply for a permanent visa;
      • Foreigners are required to invest at least US$154,000 (RS$500,000) in one of the following activities: industry, trade, agriculture or services;
      • The investment can be between US$154,000 (RS$500,000) and 46,000 (RS$150,000) if is done in innovation activities and basic or applied research, wither scientific or technological;
      • In this case, it must also meet one of the following requirements: i) have received investment, financing or resources to support innovation by a governmental institution ii) be located in a technology park iii) be a part of an incubator iv) have been a finalist in a government program in support of startups or v) have been benefited by the startup accelerator in Brazil;
      • The investment can be done in an existing company or in a newly incorporated company;
      • The visa is valid for a period of maximum 3 years;
      • Application requires authorization by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.
    2. Work visas for key people in a company: companies that wish to employ foreigners as administrators, managers, directors or legal representatives may apply for a permanent visa;
      • To be eligible for the visa application, the companies must have an investment of above US$ 184,416 (RS$600,000) per employee;
      • The investment required can be lowered to 46,000 (RS$150,000) if the company commits to generate 10 new jobs at the two years following the visa acceptance. In this case, after one year of the visa being issued the Brazilian Government will verify if the company has followed through;
      • The visa is valid for a period of maximum 5 years;
      • Application requires authorization by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.
  • Tourist visas

    • Foreigners that wish to visit Brazil may apply for a tourist visa at a Brazilian Embassy;
    • Visas are granted for 90 days, renewable for additional 90 days. The stay is limited to 180 days per year;
    • Applicants are required to submit i) copy of passport ii) application form iii) photograph iv) itinerary;
    • Nationals of certain countries are exempt from visa requirements for a stay of up to 30/60/90 days, depending on the nationality;
    • Nationals from the MERCOSUL countries are not required to present the passport to travel to Brazil, being allowed to enter with their national identification card.

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