Canada support services

Canada support services

Canada is currently considered one of the most livable countries in the world. The country welcomes entrepreneurs, investors and skilled or trained workers who wish to establish and run their business from Canada or seek employment. After incorporating their company, Healy Consultants assists Clients submit a quality residence visa application to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

  • Advantages of migrating to Canada

    Our Clients are often interested in relocating to Canada, because:

      business visa application for foreigners and migration process
    • • Although Canada’s populace is diverse and largely multicultural, the people co-exist in harmony and there are hardly any racial or ethnic qualms. Canada is considered one of the best places to live in the world by United Nations;
    • Investors and entrepreneurs migrating to Canada on the basis of setting up their businesses there can obtain Canadian permanent residency easily and enjoy the various fringe benefits;
    • Canada permanent residents can sponsor their spouse or immediate family members to migrate to Canada with them;
    • The political and economic environment of Canada is quite stable; so skilled migrant workers or businessmen should have no unforeseen difficulties on the macro scale;
    • Canada’s passport is one of the most powerful and respected passports in the world, with access to at least 142 countries visa-free. Migrants who obtain permanent residency and possibly citizenship will be allowed to obtain a Canadian passport;
    • Canada is one of the safest and most secure countries in the world. Residents and citizens adhere to the rule of law, which makes the country an ideal place for both business and family life;
    • Employment, investment and business opportunities abound in Canada; the country has abundant natural resources and strength in sectors including manufacturing industries, real estate, information technology, aerospace and automobile, tourism and hospitality;
    • Apart from the child tax benefit, whereby the government provides families with funds to raise kids until the age of 18, Canada also provides a free high-quality education and healthcare.

    For additional information on why Healy Consultants recommends formation of a company in Canada, please visit this page about the advantages of registering a company in Canada.

  • Healy Consultants’ migration package

    For a fee of US$ 12,100, Healy Consultants will be pleased to assist our Clients to i) form a company in Canada ii) open a local corporate bank account for the company and iii) obtain an investor visa or work permit for the immigrant. Kindly refer to the embedded pdf below to view a detailed sales invoice:

    Draft invoice: Canada LLC invoice with Visa

    During the 3-month engagement, we will also prepare all supporting documents for the visa application, including a comprehensive business plan detailing our Client’s proposed business activities in Canada, a market analysis and financial projections. This quality visa application package aims at convincing the Canadian Government to approve the visa application(s).

  • Different types of Canada visas

    The skilled worker visa

    • The Government of Canada grants permanent residence to professionals and skilled workers using a point system whereby, applicants must possess sufficient work experience and language proficiency in order to accumulate a minimum of 67 points on the skilled worker eligibility assessment;
    • Evaluation is based on six factors which will determine the applicant’s eligibility for Canadian immigration. These factors are i) education ii) language iii) employment experience iv) age v) arranged employment and vi) adaptability;
    • Applicants who have the highest probability of economic settlement success in Canada are then invited to apply for permanent residence. The application must be submitted in full within 60 days of receiving the invitation from the Canadian Government.

    The Quebec immigration visa

    • Quebec is the only province in Canada that grants permanent residence based on its own immigration program and policies;
    • The procedure for applying for permanent residence in Quebec is broken down into two steps which are i) the applicant must be selected by Quebec’s immigration authority MICC (Ministère de l’immigration et des communautés culturelles) ii) applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will then receive a Quebec Certificat de Sélection (CSQ);
    • The CSQ is processed in 3 steps which are i) document verification process to determine whether the application is complete ii) preliminary review conducted by the MICC based on selection criteria of the applicant and iii) selection review whereby the MICC concludes the application review and delivers a decision. The applicant will then receive a notice of appointment from the MICC;
    • The timelines for processing the CSQ vary depending on the applicant’s legal residence at the time of application.

    The Investor visa

    • Canada’s investor visa is granted to eligible candidates who must qualify through a point system.
    • Applicants are required to demonstrate i) ability to become economically stable in Canada on the basis of their business or management experience and ii) a personal net worth of not less than US$1,240,000 (CAD1,600,000);
    • The investor is also required to commit an irrevocable investment of US$620,000 (CAD800,000) in a government guaranteed investment fund;
    • Where possible, applicants may source for funding and obtain legal security on their investment. However, the investment must be non-profit bearing;
    • This visa type has presently been put on hold by the Canadian Government.

    The Entrepreneur visa

    • This type of visa is also point based subject to eligibility of the applicant who must demonstrate i) ability to ability become economically stable in Canada on the basis of their business and ii) a high personal net worth;
    • The entrepreneur must also undertake to invest and become actively involved in setting up and management of a qualifying business operated in Canada that will contribute to the economy and create employment;
    • This visa type has presently been put on hold by the Canadian Government.

    The visitor visas

    • These visas are of two types i) the single-entry visa and ii) the multiple entry visa. The single entry visa is valid for six months from the time of entry into Canada and can only be used once, while the multiple-entry visa allows the visitor to enter and stay in Canada for a period not exceeding six months, after which the visitor must exit the country but may then re-enter the country without having to re-apply for a visa;
    • The multiple-entry visit visa is valid for up to ten years;
    • Documents required are i) a valid passport ii) health certificate iii) certificate of good conduct iv) electronic travel authorization (eTA) v) bank statements to prove that the applicant holds at least US$800 per month spent in the country and vi) a return ticket;
    • Our Clients who originate from visa-exempt countries will benefit from a visa waiver, but must have an electronic travel authorization to fly to Canada.

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