Success tips when doing business in Canada

Business meetings

    Success tips when doing business in Canada

  1. At the start of a business meeting in Canada, short exchange of pleasantries is sufficient;
  2. Business communication during a meeting in Canada is direct and to the point;
  3. Different regions in Canada have different business cultures and languages. For example, Quebec region is strictly French speaking;
  4. Punctuality is a must in any form of meeting in Canada. A delay of more than 30 minutes may break a deal;
  5. Business cards should have both English and French translated text available.

Other useful tips

  1. Allergies are very common among the Canadian population; thus a strong perfume is not advisable;
  2. Weather in Canada is cold and planning your business meeting attire accordingly is a must;
  3. Remember that Canadian use the metric system, in comparison to the US;
  4. Canada has Individualism at the highest rank Hofstede Dimension ranking, consequently, strong personal relationship with a Canadian business partner is rare.

Interesting facts about Canada

Business and economics

  1. The average unemployment rate in Canada is 6.5% in April 2017;
  2. According to Forbes magazine, Canada is the second best country to do business in G20 and top for G7 in terms of economic growth;
  3. The Canadian economy is largely dependent on the US one, as more almost 75% of all Canadian exports are sent to its neighbour;
  4. Inflation rate for April 2017 remains low at 1.6%;
  5. The Canadian banking system is constantly ranked as one of the soundest in the World, according to the World Economic Forum.


  1. Canada is the second largest country by land mass, covering more than 9,900,000 square kilometres;
  2. Forests in Canada are so vast, they amount to 10% of the total forest area in the World;
  3. Canada enjoys the largest reserves of fresh water in the World;
  4. If the weather was not as cold in Canada, the country would have been a summer tourism hotspot due to having the largest coastline in the World.


  1. The country’s population is considered as multicultural as every fifth Canadian has origin other than British or French;
  2. Immigration in Canada is very desirable and fuels the growth of the population, highest in the G7 countries since 2011;
  3. Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the World, after Paris;
  4. Canada’s population has been steadily growing and reached 36.5 million people in January 2017.

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