Migration to Peru

International entrepreneurs find migration to Peru straightforward thanks to Healy Consultants’ comprehensive relocation services. Our services related to migration to Peru include:

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  1. Assistance obtaining Peru employment and residence visas from the Peru Ministry of Foreign Relations. To assist migration to Peru, Healy Consultants helps entrepreneurs and their families of all nationalities obtain permits allowing them to live and work in Peru. We are proud to say that our approval rate is still 100%. Healy Consultants’ fee to assist our Client obtain a Peru work permit US$4,950;
  2. Examples of Peru visas available to international entrepreneurs and business people include i) the Work Visa (ideal for company directors, shareholders, investors, and general managers and also ideal for senior expatriate company employees including marketing manager, chief engineers etc) and ii) Resident Visas, which exempts the holder from needing to apply for any other type of work or residence permit. Furthermore, Healy Consultants assists Clients to obtain Dependant’s Visas for family members;
  3. To support the visa application, Healy Consultants prepares a comprehensive business plan detailing our Client’s proposed business activities in Peru, a market analysis and financial projections, and a convincing outline of reasons for migration to Peru;
  4. Healy Consultants offers personalised orientation programmes for international entrepreneurs planning migration to Peru. Typical programmes include introductions to banks to open personal bank accounts, visits to key points of business interest in Peru, as well as tours of commercial and residential property (see also point 5 below), international schools (see also point 6 below), social clubs and recreational facilities. In summary, Healy Consultants offers a one-stop service for migration to Peru;
  5. Prior to or following migration to Peru, Healy Consultants guides Clients through all aspects of renting or buying a property in Peru. We arrange property viewings according to Client specifications and budget, provide assistance with the drafting of lease agreements, and arranging for efficient connection of utilities. Furthermore, Healy Consultants provides introductions to Peru or international banks to obtain property financing;
  6. Prior to or following migration to Peru, Healy Consultants assists Clients to find suitable schools in Peru for their children. Examples of assistance provided includes providing information on international school fees, waiting lists, and curricula;
  7. Prior to or following migration to Peru, some international entrepreneurs request tailored cross-cultural training programmes covering Peru business etiquette and protocols, as well as Portuguese language courses. Some Clients request advice on communication, conflict management and negotiation, and sales, and marketing techniques in Peru.

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For additional information on Peru migration services, you can email us at email@healyconsultants.com or phone us in Peru at (+1 646 862 9900). Address: Av. Los Mirtos 239 - Lince - Lima 14 – Perú.