Popular jurisdictions

Popular countries for the formation of a legally tax exempt company

  • Singapore
    Singapore is amongst the best jurisdictions to form a legally tax exempt company, thanks to a business friendly taxation system and an excellent compliance track record of the Singapore authorities as acknowledged by the FATF. Singapore also benefits from an extensive network of double taxation avoidance tax treaties. One peculiarity of Singapore non resident companies is that only income not remitted from Singapore is legally tax exempt in Singapore, hence the need to open a corporate bank account outside of the country. For further information on Singapore, visit this Singapore offshore page;
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong companies benefit from a territorial tax system, by which earnings sourced from outside of Hong Kong are legally tax exempt in Hong Kong. Consequently, Hong Kong has become the major hub for corporations willing to do business in Asia-Pacific and is notably used to trade with mainland China businesses. The main inconvenient of Hong Kong is that all banks in this territory require directors and bank signatories to travel for corporate bank account opening. For further information on Hong Kong, please visit this Hong Kong offshore page;
  • Labuan
    Labuan, a federal territory of Malaysia, has recently emerged as a finance and banking hub competing with Singapore for the attraction of foreign investment. While Labuan is less reputed than Singapore, Labuan international business companies have the advantage of being able to access double taxation avoidance treaties, which make them good holding vehicles. For further information on Labuan, please visit this Labuan offshore page;
  • Jordan
    Jordan, one of the most stable countries in the Middle East, also provides international business companies. Unlike Dubai, the types of activities which a Jordan offshore company can conduct are broad and follow business friendly regulations for foreign investors. Such type of business entity is hence a good vehicle to trade with Middle Eastern customers, or to raise equity in this region. For further information on Jordan, please visit this Jordan offshore page;
  • Dubai
    Dubai is not an easy place for a foreigner to form a business, but many are still willing to do so in order to benefit from the absence of local corporate and personal income taxes. The Dubai Government has hence created free zone companies alongside with the already existing local limited liability companies. Unlike the latter, the former do not require to form a joint venture with a local or to appoint one as resident director. Dubai free zone companies are however expensive to set up and to maintain. For further information on Dubai, please visit this Dubai offshore page or UAE offshore page;
  • Jersey
    Jersey is the most popular place to form a legally tax exempt in Europe. While business setup is easy, corporate bank account opening in Jersey is not: the local monetary authority implements stringent AML/CFT controls and offshore companies willing to open a corporate bank account in Jersey are often required to appoint a local as resident bank signatory. Consequently, we usually suggest our Clients to open the account of their company outside of Jersey. For further information on Jersey, kindly visit this Jersey offshore page;
  • Cayman Islands
    Cayman Islands is the most reputable of the Caribbean jurisdictions providing offshore business entities. Such entities are however expensive to setup and expensive to maintain. They however benefit from the absence of publicly available company records and are hence good entities for multinationals and financial services Firms in need of a holding vehicle. For further information on the Cayman Islands, please refer to this Cayman Islands page;

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