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  1. The integrity of forest ecosystems in Romania is indicated by the full range of European forest fauna. It is home to 60% of Europe’s brown bears, at over 5,000 individuals, and over 40% of the continent’s wolves;
  2. Romania’s capital Bucharest was once called the “Paris of the East.” It is the tenth largest city in Europe with around 2.2 million inhabitants;
  3. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is based on the 15th century Romanian prince, Vlad III. Vlad wasn’t a vampire, but he was infamous for his practice of impaling his enemies, mainly soldiers of the Ottoman empire, whom he spent much of his rule fighting against;
  4. In the Romanian press, the Romanian economy has been referred as the “Tiger of the East.” Romania is a country of considerable economic potential: over 10 million hectares of agricultural land, diverse energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas, hydro, nuclear, and wind), a substantial, if aging, manufacturing base, and opportunities for expanded development in tourism on the Black Sea and in the mountains;
  5. Romania joined the EU on January 1, 2007. The country had plans to join the Euro in 2015, but given the current economic turmoil in the eurozone, these plans were postponed indefinitely;
  6. Romania’s Palace of the Parliament is the world’s largest civilian building, most expensive administrative building, and heaviest building. It has extensive underground garages and tunnels, which were featured by British motoring show Top Gear;
  7. The Romanian town of Sighisoara is the oldest continuously inhabited medieval city in Europe. It is also Vlad III’s birthplace;
  8. Following commerce, tourism is the second largest component of Romania’s service sector. In 2015, tourism generated 5.6% of GDP and about half a million jobs. Tourists are drawn in by Romania’s natural landscapes and rich history.

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