Junior Project Manager of Client Engagements

Healy Consultants is looking for a quality candidate with a Bachelors or Master Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business or Law. The candidate should have a minimum of 3 years work experience in project management in a related industry. To assist candidates conclude if this role is suitable for you, we prepared this web page of information:

Please send your job application to the following email address: careers@healyconsultants.com. Email sent to other addresses will not receive any response.

  • Roles and responsibilities

    1. Working in a Singapore Department comprising 10 multi-cultural project managers and project manage small Client engagements while ensuring i) our Clients are regularly updated ii) our suppliers are delivering as promised iii) preparing quality deliverables by pre-agreed deadlines. To prioritize tasks and focus on goal completion. Providing project support to senior staff for large engagements;
    2. Project manage small Client engagements including elements of tax, banking, logistics, legal, regulatory and immigration. Thoroughly planning Client engagements including fees, costs and profitability. Providing project support to senior staff for large engagements. Successfully problem solving of engagement challenges. Meeting project deadlines and deliverables and keeping the Client happy;
    3. Reporting directly to the Head of the Client Engagements Department updating him with i) Client engagement challenges and solutions ii) new business initiatives and iii) quality deliverables;
    4. During quiet times, to advance corporate in-house projects and produce results and provide deliverables to the business owner Aidan Healy;
    5. Assistance with building website content. Sourcing economic data, laws and regulations on selected countries. Researching economic and legal content to enhance Healy Consultants’ group websites (www.healyconsultants.com); www.asiabusinesssetup.com; www.asiapropertyconsultants.com.

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  • What qualities are we looking for?

    1. A common sense employee who can ask probing questions of international accountants and lawyers and bankers. Unlocking solutions to business set up challenges in every country in the world;
    2. A solution orientated professional with a tenacious and curious attitude who recognizes that anything is possible rather than settling for what is;
    3. A practical individual who can efficiently and effectively project manage small to medium Client engagements in different countries around the world including South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe;
    4. A commercially realistic individual who can assist senior staff engineer simple global corporate solutions for Clients, regardless of the apparent complexity of the Clients challenges. Converting what appears complex down to a few simple engagement steps;
    5. A creative staff member who can develop and implement new business ideas in a fast growing, dynamic global business. For example new product lines, writing new web pages, business networking;
    6. A confident, independent thinker that can learn fast and become an in-house expert in multiple disciplines and fields, whether it be banking, tax, immigration, corporate finance, M&A;
    7. A multi-tasker who can advance in-house corporate projects. Examples of projects include i) country web page research ii) finding global corporate bank account solutions and iii) devising global tax strategies;
    8. A staff member who has a passion for helping Clients and other key personnel, while being a task terminator. A detail orientated individual aware of deadlines, deliverables and the importance of completing tasks in a timely manner. A person who always wants to improve what is and who never gives up;
    9. A person who identifies what is important and can see the big picture and yet can be just easily task and detailed orientated when required;
    10. The successful candidate will be able to seamlessly migrate and calmly oscillate between the following focus areas:
      • Assist Clients set up a business in every country in the world. Project manage large client engagements and keep clients happy and regularly informed;
      • Solving Client’s business problems ranging from legal, finance, accounting, tax, IT, marketing, banking etc.;
      • Supervising Healy Consultants international suppliers and advisors. Tenaciously and relentlessly pursuing results and information.

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  • What will you experience at Healy Consultants?

    1. You will become more commercially realistic of how business is done globally including i) the majority of developed and developing countries ii) in every industry type and iii) with counterparts of all nationalities. Each country presenting its own opportunities and challenges including over regulation and lack of transparent laws;
    2. The skills challenged and improved at Healy Consultants will include: i) your project management and time management skills ii) your team leadership skills and communication skills iii) how fast you learn and iv) focus your problem solving skills. An improvement of your ability to get a lot done while taking just a few simple steps;
    3. Your global knowledge of accounting and tax will vastly improve as you research each country, consequently becoming an expert. Your global corporate banking knowledge will greatly improve as you communicate with global banks. Your macro-economic awareness will improve as you write country web pages for Healy Consultants business website;
    4. You will become an experienced negotiator of win-win solutions as you communicate with Clients and lawyers and accountants of every country in the world;
    5. Your business writing skills will become more real and direct and simple and more transparent;
    6. A better development of your ability to see the big picture while being detailed orientated. A challenge of your ability to be task orientated while focusing on what is necessary;
    7. Freedom to create and develop new business ideas and responsibility to implement them without fear of failure or limits from senior management;
    8. At least once a year, you will need to travel to a country to complete a Client engagement;
    9. Click here to take a virtual tour of Healy Consultants Singapore office.

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  • What to expect over the coming year

    1. Realistically, it will take 12 months to become confident and comfortable in this role. Until then, the successful candidate will need a lot of supervision from senior staff and from the Head of the Clients’ Department. The Junior Project Manager of Client Engagements will be primarily providing project support to senior staff for large engagements;
    2. Singapore is an expensive city with monthly rental averaging S$3,000 for shared accommodation and S$5,000 for a modern one bedroom flat. For the first 6 months, the successful candidate will dip into their savings from Ireland. Thereafter, Singapore salary savings will grow while annual income tax approximates a mere 6%;
    3. Singapore is the preferred city to live in Asia. It is clean and virtually crime free. It is on the equator so i) daily temperatures average 32c ii) there are no seasons and iii) there are 12 hours of daylight all year round from 7am to 7pm;
    4. Playing sports is huge in Singapore and the nightlife is excellent. Travelling to cool destinations in neighboring countries is cheap and fast.

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  • Career development

    1. Within two years, the Junior Project Manager of Client Engagements should expect to be promoted to a Senior Project Manager of Client Engagements. Reporting directly to the Head of the Client Engagements Department. The Senior Project Manager will be an expert in multiple countries and product lines. A leader whom all other staff approach for advice and guidance in that particular field;
    2. Within five years, the Senior Project Manager of Client Engagements should expect to be appointed a director of Healy Consultants Singapore, reporting directly to Aidan Healy;
    3. Within 7 years, the Client Engagements Project Director will be given the opportunity to lead a global office of Healy Consultants;
    4. Within 10 years, the Client Engagements Project Director will be given the opportunity to become the Global Head of the Clients’ Engagements Department and should expect to run a country office with minimum involvement from the business owner;
    5. Within 12 years, the Client Engagements Project Manager should expect to receive a shareholding in the company and receive annual dividends;
  • The evolution of Healy Consultants

    1. Over the coming 3 years, Healy Consultants expects to double in size. To do this, we need quality middle management;
    2. Over the coming 5 years, Healy Consultants wishes to more aggressively advance the following product lines and secure the following engagements:
      • Large corporate finance projects for Clients;
      • Merger and Acquisitions;
      • IPO’s;
      • Setting up global hedge funds, banks and insurance companies.
    3. Over the coming 5 years, Healy Consultants wishes to open more offices in the Middle East and South America and eastern Europe;
    4. Over the coming 10 years, Healy Consultants wishes to have 5 partners in the business responsible for different continents, different product lines, different Departments;
    5. Within 10 years, Aidan Healy plans to semi retire to Europe. Between now and then, he will be looking for a Managing Director to run the Healy Consultants Group including the Singapore Head Office and its subsidiaries.
  • How we proceed with recruitment

    1. Please email your resume to our in-house HR Manager Ms. Sarah at careers@healyconsultants.com;
    2. Within 24 hours, a HR person will email you a questionnaire together with some aptitude tests;
    3. Shortly thereafter, Sarah will ask you to complete some administrative tasks to assess the quality of your deliverables;
    4. HR will then complete a Skype interview with you;
    5. Immediately thereafter, our Client engagement team will ask you to complete some virtual Client tasks to determine the quality of your output;
    6. Following successful completion of the above, you will complete a Skype interview with some of the Client Relationship Team to answer any questions you have of the role;
    7. Following successful completion of the above, you will conduct a Skype or face to face interview with Aidan Healy;
    8. Following successful completion of the above, an offer of employment will be emailed to you pending receipt of positive past employer reference checks;
    9. Following receipt of positive professional references from past employers, Healy Consultants and the successful candidate will sign the employment contract and agree a start date. Healy Consultants then secures a valid work and residence visa from the Singapore Government;
    10. The candidate travels to Singapore and stays in temporary accommodation and begins work with Healy Consultants. We help our employee secure permanent accommodation.

Contact us

If you think you have what it takes to flourish in our fast-paced, solutions-orientated work environment, you can email us at careers@healyconsultants.com or call us in our head office at (+65) 6735 0120 or Skype us: healyconsultants