IT/Web manager in 2021

An IT/Web Manager is required to project manage Healy Consultants’ business websites.

Please send your job application to the following email address: Email sent to other addresses will not receive any response.

  • Job scope

    The role will include execution, and provision of support for, the following activities:

    1. To improve our search engine advertising strategies for our websites:,,,;
    2. Optimising website coding and navigation to best suit search engine ranking guidelines;
    3. Introducing new elements to business websites to improve their functionality;
    4. Updating our databases and sending mailshots;
    5. Keeping ahead of the latest trends in search engine marketing;
    6. Implementing digital marketing strategies, including social media, and article writing;
    7. Monitoring weekly rankings;
    8. Improving poor performing web pages;
    9. Sourcing and preparing website content, including economic research, and company law;
    10. Supervising and inspiring staff on the IT team, fixing any errors in the business websites in a timely manner;
    11. Maintaining the in-house NAS to ensure secure and organised data storage;
    12. Managing hardware and software assets, including purchase and installation;
    13. Managing and maintaining Healy Consultants networks;
    14. Troubleshooting everyday IT problems, including network errors, internet connection disruptions, and PC malfunctions;
    15. Liaising with external organizations and contractors to efficiently complete projects on time and within budget.
  • Time allocation

    IT manager

  • What sort of person are we looking for?

    The role will include execution, and provision of support for, the following activities:

    1. To work independently, task focused, and determined to solve problems;
    2. Be flexible and creative to solve SEO challenges;
    3. You will like doing IT and economic research, and happy to spend most of your day at the computer;
    4. You will be an excellent time manager – effectively complete tasks and manage your time well, prioritising tasks when necessary;
    5. You will be able to troubleshoot with the minimum of fuss and with minimal supervision;
    6. You will be well-versed in current internet standards and website technology;
    7. You will have understanding of search engine marketing principles;
    8. You will have knowledge in various computer systems / languages such as HTML, XML, CSS, CMS, ASP.Net, C#, AJAX, PHP, Java, Flash, etc.;
    9. You will have experience with use of web development software such as Dreamweaver;
    10. You will have experience handling IT functions for other small or medium-sized enterprises to ensure their smooth operation;
    11. You will have knowledge / experience working with Windows and Mac systems;
    12. You will have excellent written and spoken English language skills to communicate clearly with fellow colleagues.
  • This role is ideal for

    An individual who has a keen interest in the internet and technology, and thrives on helping others and finding solutions quietly and efficiently.

  • Salary and benefits

    The right candidates can expect a monthly salary between S$6,000 and S$8,000 following probation, depending on skills and experience.