Ah Chin Chin | Head of Accounting and Tax Department

I joined Healy Consultants Group PLC in October 2018 as Head of Accounting and Tax Department.

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My business goals

  • Timely completing our clients’ annual legal, accounting and tax obligations;
  • Timely completing Healy Consultants Group of Companies’ annual legal, accounting and tax obligations;
  • Developing and implementing sound internal control and improve the efficiency of operating procedures within the Department;
  • Managing the Accounting and Tax Department staff and ensure quality deliverables are sent to clients and to the business owner in a timely manner.

My daily work schedule

  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • Discussing matters arising from accounting and tax issues and provide solutions with the help of the Healy Consultants team;
  • Reviewing and ensuring all deliverables to clients are high quality;
  • Ensuring the compliance of the accounting and tax obligations for Healy Consultants Group of Companies and client companies;
  • Co-ordinating daily work from different countries.

The most interesting work I ever did

I was involved in an international bond offering audit and special audit on compliance of specific accounting matters or special incentives application.

The most rewarding work I ever did

Involvement in the GAAP conversion for the past 10 years. I gained a lot of knowledge in the development of the accounting standards.


Learning new things to gain more knowledge, studying share markets.

Business style

  • Responsible;
  • Making informed decisions;
  • Hardworking;
  • Perfectionist: I prefer to do the right thing from the first try.

Languages I speak

English, Mandarin and Malay.

A sample of my global business experience

I had to travel to the USA and China to perform the annual audit for my previous clients’ MNCs. Currently, I deal with clients from all over the world and their accounting and tax requirements in any country in the world, including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, France, USA.

The most unusual engagement I did

I was involved in the physical stock count for a glass manufacturer. The stock required to be recounted for 3 days as the quantities were not recorded correctly.