Cai Xin | Legal and Compliance Department Manager

CaixinI joined Healy Consultants in 2015 after I graduated from Singapore Management University. I am thrilled to be part of Healy Consultants team and help our Clients expand their business globally. I devote my passion and knowledge to ensure Healy Consultants is compliant with international law and internal policies and procedures.
Business goals
  • To mitigate legal, financial and reputation risk of Healy Consultants during global engagements;
  • To expand my knowledge of international law and regulation;
  • To build a successful career with Healy Consultants.
My daily work schedule
  • Develop dynamic risk assessment calculator for company clients and improve company internal AML/CFT practice;
  • Review and evaluate compliance issues to ensure companies maintain high standard of compliance with law and regulation;
  • Review and approve all Clients Files and ensure companies complete and accurate detailed due diligence;
  • Provide risk assessment information to Singapore Authorities (e.g. file suspicious transaction report to Singapore police).
The most interesting work I ever didAs company compliance officer, I prepared the documentation, client file and assisted Healy Consultants to complete the compliance review conducted by ACRA.
The most rewarding work I ever didThe risk assessment calculator and procedures prepared by the compliance department was rewarded as No. 2 among all Singapore registered agents during the Compliance review conducted by ACRA.
PastimesReading and traveling.
Business style
  • Responsible;
  • Loyal;
  • Detailed oriented and perfectionist.
Language I speakChinese, English, Taiwanese and Japanese.
A sample of my global business experienceI assist our CROs during engagements to ensure we are compliant with international AML/CFT regulation and law.
Multi-currency bank accountsLast year, I assisted one of our Chinese Clients to open a USA bank account for their newly -incorporated company.
The most unusual engagement I didThe most unusual engagement I completed since 2015 was one where we helped our client to do a business registration in Singapore. After a thorough review of the business contracts, I identified the real ultimate beneficial owner and found out he was blacklisted by MAS. I immediately informed my managers and asked CRO to terminate business relationship with this client. Thereafter, I filed suspicious transaction report with Singapore police to mitigate the AML/CFT risk of Healy Consultants.
Business experience
  • Business set up in California, Singapore and Hong Kong;
  • Multi-currency corporate bank account opening in USA;
  • Singapore Government reporting re the suspicious transaction and multi - breach of company law.

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