Charmine Maglines | Front Desk and Administrative Officer

I joined Healy Consultants Group in October 2022 as a Front Desk and Administrative Officer. Prior to coming to Dubai, I used to work in one of the leading banks in the Philippines. My past experiences helped me to become proactive and a competitive individual in whatever industry I worked in.

  • My business goals

    • To lead a team where I can share my knowledge in good customer service and administration.
    • To lead a positive mindset, despite the hectic schedule and deadlines.
  • My daily work schedule

    • Screening and forwarding calls to concerned addressee.
    • Maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness in the work environment.
    • Making sure that the office is operational.
  • The most interesting work I ever did

    It was the work I did working with the Filipino-Chinese communities in opening savings and time deposit accounts with multiple instructions at very short notice that was the most interesting.

  • The most rewarding work I ever did

    Most rewarding work I ever did was making friends with my clients that was built in time and trust.

  • Pastimes

    • Street Photography
    • Watching Documentaries (Travels, Foods and Cultures)
    • Cooking
    • Going to thrift shops
  • Business style

    • Attention to details
    • Team-Player
    • Goal setter
  • Languages I speak

    English and Tagalog

  • A sample of my global business experience

    In my previous company which deals with the international distribution, I was in charge with consolidating the documentations and logistics procedures of exporting of goods and services to African and European countries.

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