Dubai Organisation Chart in 2023

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HC Dubai team

Healy Consultants Group DMCC CEO of Europe & Middle East
  • Discuss global business and banking solutions with Clients;
  • Supervise the Dubai office and assist my team with their engagements;
  • Project-manage complex global engagements.
CEO of Americas & Africa
  • Discuss business set-up solutions with global Clients, with a focus on Africa and Latin America;
  • Project-manage my several active engagements across the globe and update our website content;
  • Jointly supervise the Dubai office and assist our Europe and Asia teams with Client engagements.
Client Relationship Officer Apurv Human Resources Officer Charmine Maglines Prachi Neelam Shreethu Aman Vyas Amanda Van Treuren Bertha Marina Accounting & Tax Director Psalm Santiago Fawad Ahmed Janyl Irsalieva Sharib Azeem Lutangu

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