Elizabeth Ogawo | Front Desk Manager

Front desk manager in DubaiI am a Kenyan citizen pursuing my Business Administration degree at The University of Economics, Prague. I have currently taken a 2-year furlough to join Healy Consultants Group in the bid to gain vital practical global business setup knowledge.
My business goals
  • To gain vast practical knowledge within the corporate world;
  • To influence growth in others through my personal and professional experiences.
My daily work schedule
  • Handling daily Client calls and messages;
  • Managing in-house consultants’ appointments and phone calls;
  • Closing multiple Client files;
  • Accounting basics;
  • Managing and maintenance of the office look;
  • Ensuring staff maintain optimum health through managing their dietary intake requirements.
The most interesting work I ever didCreating expo concepts for Agrichem Africa, a leading global agrochemicals company, at multiple flower expos in Africa.
The most rewarding work I ever didBeing a brand ambassador for a European phone brand venturing into the Kenyan market.
PastimesSpending time with family, retail therapy, cooking, swimming, reading.
Business styleProfessional, organized, brief and to the point.
My role modelsOprah Winfrey