IT team organization chart

IT team chart

Wei Xian (Donovan)
  • Manage and distribute incoming tasks to the IT team
  • Work with other department heads on IT/design projects
  • Work with the marketing team on improving the design of the website
  • Check and fix Google webmaster crawl issue
  • Update backend code
  • Fix w3c error for checklist country
  • Repair and log reported bugs on the website
  • Optimize website (WordPress, plugins, code and server-side)
  • Optimize stylesheets, JavaScript and features on the website for speed
  • Test, monitor and approve all code changes to the website
  • Provide support to Dubai/Slovakia team between 6PM – 7.30PM Singapore time
  • Assist marketing team with setup and management of PPC

Contact us

For additional information on our global business services, please email us at Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Phang Wei Xian, directly:
IT director - donovan