Jane Wahome | Projects Manager

I joined Healy Consultants Group in June 2023 as a Projects Manager. Before joining this esteemed organization, I held the position of Client Relations Officer (CRO) at one of the Freezone Authorities in Dubai During my time at my previous company, I was instrumental in facilitating entrepreneurs’ business registrations.

  • My business goals

    • Become an expert in the Business Set up industry globally by acquiring extensive expertise and knowledge in this field.
    • To make significant contributions to the profitability and success of Healy Consultants Group by leveraging my skills, insights, and industry expertise.
  • My daily work schedule

    • Project management for our Global Client engagements.
    • Conduct research for sourcing economic data, laws and regulations for various Jurisdictions.
    • Preparing engagement summaries, Project Plans and Business plans.
    • Liaising with banks and financial institutions on behalf of our clients
  • The most interesting work I ever did

    In Kenya, I successfully operated and managed a farm enterprise focused on the cultivation and exportation of fresh vegetables worldwide. Through this venture, we consistently ensured the production of high-quality produce for global markets.

  • The most rewarding work I ever did

    I actively participated in an esteemed Kenyan non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to raising awareness about Kidney Failure disease and advocating for a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment and impact garnered recognition from the renowned Ford Foundation, which generously provided us with a grant to sustain and further our noble endeavours

  • Pastimes

    • Travelling
    • Socializing
    • Listening to podcasts.
  • Business style

    • Proactive
    • Team player
    • Results-oriented
    • Customer-centric
    • Honest
  • Languages I speak

    English and Swahili

  • A sample of my global business experience

    My global business experience encompasses working in the hospitality industry across multiple international locations, including Iraq, Qatar, and Dubai- UAE. This rich exposure has allowed me to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of these diverse markets, enabling me to navigate cultural differences and deliver outstanding results in terms of guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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