Karen Lee | Director of Client Engagement

Healy Consultants is my first job and I have been with the firm for many years. As a Chinese, I enjoy meeting clients from different cultures and regions. I feel excited listening to clients business ideas, assisting them to go through the business set up process. Helping Clients in anyway I can to meet their business goals. For entrepreneurs entering a new market is difficult, especially in bureaucratic countries such as India, Cambodia and Philippines. I am proud to be part of Healy Consultants team to share our knowledge and experience with our Clients.
My business goals
  • To incorporate 100 companies around the world in a year!
  • To make enough money for my retirement plan at 40
My daily work schedule
  • Discuss business and banking solutions with Clients
  • International tax planning for Clients
  • Discuss Asian migration strategy with Clients
  • Ensure our Clients’ company completes annual accounting and tax and legal obligations
The most interesting work I ever didAssisted a Dubai client to incorporate companies in Taiwan, India and Korea and open seven corporate bank accounts at one time. Getting visa for a Pakistani to travel to Taiwan is a challenging part.
The most rewarding work I ever didIncorporate a Korean company and open a corporate bank account for an Iranian client in 2010. The company is currently doing great business in Korea and the turnover is over US$1 million.
PastimesTravelling, movie and tennis
Business style
  • Efficient and responsible;
  • Meticulous;
  • Problem-solving.

Contact us

For additional information on our incorporation services, please email us at email@healyconsultants.com. Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Karen Lee, directly:
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