Mason Chou | Senior Compliance Officer

I joined Healy Consultants Group PLC in August 2019 as a Compliance Officer. Before that, I used to work for a Bank in Singapore. Now I use my skills and knowledge to assist Healy Consultants Group PLC’s clients and staff.

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My business goals

  • Ensure Healy Consultants PLC is compliant with local and international legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Ensure that effective AML/CFT measures are in place in order to mitigate and minimize Healy Consultants Group PLC’s exposure to risk;
  • Ensure that all Healy Consultants Group PLC staff are aware and have access to compliance related information and assistance;
  • Ensure contracts and agreements safeguards Healy Consultants’ business interest.

My daily work schedule

  • Assessing the risk of potential clients and conducting ongoing monitoring on existing clients;
  • Reviewing agreements and KYC documentation;
  • Assisting Client Relationship Officers with compliance related queries;
  • Attending conference calls with clients to explain regulatory requirements in relation to KYC documentation.

The most interesting work I ever did

Conducting in depth checks on a potential client whose company turned out to be operating a MLM scheme.

The most rewarding work I ever did

Helping a Client secure a personal loan of 100k within 3 days.


Sports, travelling and gaming.

Business style

  • Analytical;
  • Fast;
  • Responsible.

Languages I speak

English, Mandarin and some Thai.

A sample of my global business experience

  • Worked in a team to review all KYC documentations of a large MNC who wanted to take up a syndicated loan;
  • Worked at a iFast Financial (Financial service platform) and provided solutions to improve and automate processes.