Neha Seth | Company Secretary and Accountant

Neha SethI joined Healy Consultants PLC in 2018 as Company Secretary and Accountant.
My business goal
  • To lead the India office of Healy Consultants Group PLC;
  • To grow the Client base in India by 200% by 2020.
My daily work schedule
  • Indian business set up including company incorporation and corporate bank account opening;
  • Company Secretarial function;
  • Timely and accurately discharge monthly, quarterly and annual legal, accounting and tax obligations for Indian LLCs;
  • Prepare reports for payroll, Direct and Indirect tax;
  • Liaising with local banks on behalf of Clients;
  • Project manage Client engagements and keep Clients happy and regularly informed.
The most interesting work I ever didDeveloped a Corporate Compliance Management Suite through which comprehensive solutions were available for all the compliances, including Central, State and Industry specific laws.
The most rewarding work I ever didCreated simplified calculators for interpretation of complex legal processes that can be availed by anyone anytime.
  • Reading books;
  • Cycling.
Business style
  • Honest and straight-forward;
  • Creative;
  • Positive Attitude.
Languages I speak
  • English, Punjabi and Hindi;
  • Learning Tamil.
A sample of my global business experienceI completed accounting and tax work for several international jurisdictions including countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.
Multi-currency bank accountsI assisted Healy Consultants Group PLC and our Clients with corporate bank account opening both in Ireland and India.
The most unusual engagement I didI answered queries and research for a prospective client for 4 months at no charge. Later I converted that prospect into a paying Client, securing many referrals and multiplying my business.

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