Olivia Stanciu | Marketing Manager

I joined Healy Consultants PLC in 2015 as a Client Relationship Manager for almost 3 years. I project managed multi-national Clients' engagements including Russian and CIS countries. In January 2018, I migrated to our in-house Marketing Department. I am responsible for improving Healy Consultants PLC global brand and improving the attractiveness of the business website
Business goals
  • To increase Healy Consultants Group PLC presence online;
  • To improve our brand awareness and promote our services;
  • Contribute to the website design and content which should result in increasing the website traffic;
My daily work schedule
  • Create content for and monitor the Social Media channels, including blogs and Quora;
  • Communicate with Clients to collect customer service feedback and analyse the data;
  • Communicate with quality counterparties to establish a back-link relationship;
  • Improve the website design and content;
  • Prepare and edit marketing products such as country pages or PDF files with summaries.
The most interesting work I ever didAssist with setting up an Iranian company while in the CRO team.
The most rewarding work I ever did
  • Every engagement that was successfully completed, especially the complex ones, while in the CRO team.
  • Contributing to the website development, as it has such a vast exposure.
PastimesReading, advertising, videos, running, travelling.
Business style
  • Responsible,
  • Client-oriented;
  • Hard worker;
  • Self-starter;
  • Professional.
Language I speakEnglish, Russian, Polish, Romanian
A sample of my global business experience

Within the last 2 years and a half I have assisted many international clients start a business and open a corporate or personal bank account in a multitude of different countries. An example of the same is opening an Iranian legal entity for a Japanese listed company or a Philippines branch for an Australian entertainment mogul.

As for the marketing part, I am in communication with our international clients and partners for feedback and different projects.

Multi-currency bank accountsWhile I assisted in opening a large number of corporate bank accounts, the most notable ones were opening a HSBC corporate bank account for a non-resident and also an European bank account for a CIS national. Both took more than 5 months to open but I never gave up to provide my clients with a suitable solution.
The most unusual engagement I didThe most unusual engagement was when we assisted a Japanese company open a local establishment in Iran. It was a complex engagement which was exacerbated also by the lack of language knowledge and the cultural difference between a developed and a developing country.

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