Previn Pampan Sudhir | Client Relationship Officer

I joined Healy Consultants Group PLC in July 2020 as a Junior Client Relationship Officer. Before that, I used to work for a Sales and Marketing firm. With the engagements I have taken on, and the harmonious relationships I have forged with my co-workers, I have honed my skills and qualities – not only as an individual but as a team player to better assist the clients of Healy Consultants Group PLC.

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My business goals

  • To be an industry expert in the consulting industry in 2 to 3 years, and someone to whom others can go for strategy, solutions and advice.
  • To provide and produce high quality work, and always ensure high standards of service, for our Clients.

My daily work schedule

  • Contacting Clients to assist with their business needs, and providing timely weekly updates with regards to each engagement.
  • Calling Clients with regards to sales emails, and providing them the necessary information for their business setup needs.
  • Providing multiple deliverables, including research work on deliverables such as business plans and skeleton tables.

The most interesting work I ever did

I worked as a brand ambassador for almost two years in my previous job, helping close sales for brands such as Singtel, Domino’s and Starhub in Singapore. I had experience in both B2B and B2C lines.

The most rewarding work I ever did

Interacting with various Clients in the B2C line during my time as a brand ambassador, helping to close sales for Clients from all walks of life. That truly highlighted the different scenarios and struggles I faced and the different strategies I had to utilise in those situations. It has stayed with me until today, and I am sure it will prove as crucial as it was rewarding for me in my career.


  • Working out during the weekends, exercising by going on long runs.
  • Playing football, watching football and generally, being obsessed with football.
  • Catching up with friends at the weekend over a cup of coffee.

Business style

  • I aspire to learn every day. Knowledge is power, and I intend to gain as much of it as possible.
  • Thoughtful and informative, for the benefit of my Clients and colleagues.

Languages I speak

English and Tamil

A sample of my global business experience

Preparing business plans, detailed project plans and deliverables on time for multi-national clients based in various jurisdictions like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea.