Saleh Abdullah | Client Engagement Project Manager

Saleh profile

Project manager and consultant since 2008 and a practiced leader in a Multi-Channel Customer Engagement area with solid backgrounds in construction project management and IT. Joined Healy Consultants office on the October of 2017 as a client engagement project manager.

I enjoy assisting my team and my clients with their requirements and pushing the limits until reaching the final goal. I enjoy discovering new ways to resolve issues that pertain from completing a task or achieving a target.

I find joy in assisting and achieving clients’ satisfaction. Very proud to be part of this amazing team and looking forward to reaching new heights together.

My business goals
  • To contribute to the success of Healy consultants;
  • To create success stories;
  • To assist clients and provide high quality services.
My daily work schedule
  • Assist clients with company incorporation process;
  • Adapt with and learn from different projects requirements;
  • Answer 100% of all the received requests;
  • Optimize my strategies to reduce time and cost on future process progress;
  • Researching ways to resolve special requirements from clients and keep record for future references.
The most interesting work I ever did
  • Assisted a client to review deregistration process in SAIF Zone;
  • Helped to incorporate a Hong Kong, New Zealand and KSA entities;
  • Assisted in selecting a proper corporate bank account;
  • Reviewed unlimited amount of client requests and it is my priority to reply to each one of them.
The most rewarding work I ever didMultiple successful projects across Dubai
PastimesFootball, Swimming, Movies, Skating, Volleyball, Traveling, Socializing
Business style
  • I work hard and fast;
  • Efficient/ Effective and responsible;
  • Solutions oriented while solving any problem;
  • Welling to learn from new engagements and enjoy new experiences.
Language I speak
  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Arabic.
A sample of my global business experience
  • Competed several constructions projects across U.A.E (Dubai, Sharjah) and managed client’s engagement processes;
  • Business set up engagements in Hong Kong, KSA, U.A.E, New Zealand;
  • Corporate bank account opening;
  • Answered clarifications on social media platform to assist clients with incorporation process.
Multi-currency bank accountsCommunication with international banks and assisted multi-national Clients' to open corporate bank accounts in different locations.
Immigration visasAssisted clients to ensure smooth process during application submission and insure all government requirements are completed.
The most unusual engagement I didSome of the most unusual engagements I completed over the last months included i) Asian and Middle East engagements ii) Offshore bank account openning iii) Social media Q&A