Staff organisation chart

company overview chart

  • Determine solutions to engagement challenges with team members and Clients;
  • Project-manage complex engagements for our multinational Clients;
  • Liaise with other country offices directors of our Group.
  • Discuss global business and banking solutions with Clients;
  • Supervise the Dubai office and assist my team with their engagements;
  • Project-manage complex global engagements.
Ah Chin
  • Project-manage complex accounting and tax engagements for multinational Clients;
  • Supervise and train the Accounting Department staff;
  • Assist with Clients’ company renewal process;
  • Project-manage multinational Clients’ engagements for Eurasian region;
  • Quality invoice, project and business plan preparation;
  • Global corporate and correspondent banking solutions for high-risk businesses;
  • Live chat and Skype Client communications during European working hours.
  • Test, monitor and approve all code changes to the website
  • Provide support to Dubai/Slovakia team between 6PM – 7.30PM Singapore time
  • Assist marketing team with setup and management of PPC
  • Review resumes
  • Draft employment contracts
  • Implement staff benefits
  • Liaise daily with Healy Consultants’ Global Offices on HR matters
  • Discuss business set-up solutions with global Clients, with a focus on Africa and Latin America;
  • Project-manage my several active engagements across the globe and update our website content;
  • Jointly supervise the Dubai office and assist our Europe and Asia teams with Client engagements.
  • Personal assistant to the business owner, Mr Aidan Healy;
  • Responsible for Client concierge services;
  • Assist HR department.
  • Create content for and monitor the Social Media channels;
  • Contribute to the website design and content;
  • Communicate with Clients and partners to collect feedback and improve ratings.
  • Manage and distribute incoming tasks to the IT team
  • Work with other department heads on IT/design projects
  • Work with the marketing team on improving the design of the website

Contact us

For additional information on our global business services, please email us at Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Aidan Healy, directly:
client relationship officer - Aidan