Bahamas immigration visas in 2024

There are several immigration visas available for foreign entrepreneurs to work in the Bahamas. The most popular visa solution requested by our Clients are i) permanent residence and ii) long term work permit. However, we do help our Clients with shorter term visas such as i) visitor visas and ii) short term work permit.

Permanent residence (investor’s visa)

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  • Foreign investors and owners of residence valued at US$500,000 or more can apply for permanent residence. Permanent residence allows the investor to live and work in Bahamas for an unlimited duration unless revoked;
  • Application is made to the Department of Immigration and takes about 3-4 weeks to process with a fee of US$100. Documents required for application include i) application form, ii) copy of applicant’s passport, iii) police certificate of character, iv) birth certificate v) medical certificate and vi) financial statements from applicant’s financial institution amongst others;
  • Owners of residence in Bahamas purchased at US$1.5 million or more will receive accelerated consideration;
  • Residence owner may also acquire a homeowner’s card which entitles their family members residence in the Bahamas.

Long term work permit

  • All non-Bahamian wishing to work in Bahamas for more than 90 days would require a long-term work permit. Application is made to the Department of Immigration, with a fee of US$100 and typically takes about 3-4 weeks;
  • However, before application, employers of the applicant must prove that no qualified Bahamians are available to fill the position. Documents required for application include i) application form, ii) letter of request from prospective employer, iii) copy of applicant’s passport, iv) police certificate of character, v) medical certificate and vi) certificate from department of labor;
  • Validity of long term work permit are for 1 year and hence must be renewed annually (2 month before the expiration of permit). To renew the permit, holder must have his/her national insurance contributions paid up and employer must again prove that no suitably qualified Bahamian is available for the job.

For shorter term visas solutions, entrepreneurs may apply for the following:

Visitor visa

  • Entrepreneurs may enter the Bahamas for business purposes through a visitor visa. Visitor visas are available for both single entry and multiple entry. The prices of the visa application vary according to the duration of the visa and is processed in about 2 weeks;
  • Application for visitor visas must be made in person at a Bahamas consulate or embassy. Documents to be submitted vary across different embassies but generally, the supporting documents that may be required are i) passport with at least 6 months validity, ii) job letter/business license, iii) flight itinerary iv) invitation letter, v) previously held visa etc.

Short term work permit

  • Short term work permit allows non-Bahamians to work in the Bahamas for up to 90 days. Application are made at Department of Immigration with a fee of US$100 and processing time of 7 days;
  • Document required are i) application form, ii) letter of request, iii) copy of passport and iv) photograph of the applicant.

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