BVI support services in 2024

Healy Consultants will be happy to assist our Clients apply for work permits in the BVI. Our services include the preparation and filing of a quality work permit application. Below are the steps required to apply for a work permit in BVI:

  • Work permit

    • To apply for a BVI work permit the applicants need to complete a comprehensive application form which can be accessed (here).
    • The forms are submitted to the BVI Labour Department.
    • Government fees are charged depending on the Employee’s salary.
    • Securing a BVI work permit requires the following supporting documentation:
        • One passport sized photograph (copy of photo & signature page).
        • Two passport sized photos.
        • Cover letter signed by the employer, formally requesting a work permit for the employee.
        • Detailed job description of the employee.
        • Valid trade licence.
        • Full page of two Newspaper Advertisements (run consecutively for two weeks with visible dates)
        • Letter stating whether there were BVIslanders/Belonger applicants and if so, the reason why they were not employed.
        • Copies of the applicant’s Diploma(s), Resume, Degree(s) and/or Qualification(s)
        • Letter from Immigration confirming status in territory (applies to applicant in the territory).
    • The application must be submitted in person and has a turn around time of at least 30 days after submission of all documents.

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For additional information on our company registration services in BVI, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Kunal Fabiani, directly:
client relationship officer - Kunal