Trademark registration in Kenya in 2024

Following company establishment, Healy Consultants Group will assist our Clients register a trademark for their product or brand in Kenya without our Client’s need to travel to Kenya to sign any forms. Trademark registration protects our Clients from intellectual property infringement by third parties;

Trademarks in Kenya are categorized in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services as provided for under the NICE protocol.

Items that can be trademarked in Kenya include i) name of company ii) signature or seal iii) invested words iv) any distinctive marks or drawings or monograms etc.;

A registered Trademark remains valid for up to 10 years from the date of approval and should be renewed at least 6 months to expiration date.

5 steps to register your trademark in Kenya

  1. Trademark name search: Healy Consultants Group will i) prepare Form TM27 and send the same for our Client’s signature and ii) submit the signed form to Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) for name reservation;
  2. Trademark pre-registration: Following name search approval, Healy Consultants Group submits a quality application to the Registrar of Trademarks for consideration together with the agent appointment form;
  3. Trademark examination: The Trademarks Registrar will i) complete the formality examination of provided documents ii) complete a secondary search and iii) complete the final substantive examination to ensure uniqueness;
  4. Trademark advertisement: Upon successful examination, Healy Consultants Group proceeds to publish the application on the KIPI Journal for 2 months should there be any objections from 3rd parties;
  5. Trademark registration approval: Within 2 months and assuming there are no objections, Healy Consultants Group completes the registration and approval with KIPI.

Required documents/information to register a trademark

  1. True copy of the original certificate of registration of the company;
  2. The full names and the postal address of the applicants;
  3. Soft and hard copies of the proposed ark work and trademark description;
  4. The proposed trademark name and the name search approval from KIPI;
  5. The physical address of the applicants/company;

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For additional information on our company incorporation services in Kenya, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Kunal Fabiani, directly:
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