Luxembourg employment visas in 2023

Luxembourg businessNon-EU / EFTA citizens are required to secure a work visa in order to work in Luxembourg. Healy Consultants will assist our Clients by i) assisting their company to meet the requirements to be an eligible sponsor for the work permits of its foreign employees ii) determining the probability of a successful outcome iii) preparing the visa application and iv) submitting it to the Luxembourg immigration authorities.

Entrepreneur visas

  • Luxembourg does not provide residency permits available to foreign investors. It is however possible to apply as a self-employed individual, after registration of a business in Luxembourg and licensing (if the nature of the business is subject to specific regulations);
  • The procedures to obtain a residency permit as a self-employed entrepreneur are similar to those of an employee. Please refer to the information below for a summary and to this Government webpage for more details.

Employee visas

  • Before being allowed to sponsor a foreign employee for a work permit, Luxembourg companies and branches must firstly obtain approval from the National Employment Administration, which will only provide the same after a check that no national or EU jobseeker currently registered with this agency is available to take the position on offer. Only highly skilled foreign workers are not required to go through this step if they apply for a EU Blue Card;
  • When this prerequisite is met, the National Employment Administration will issue a certificate of vacancy, to be submitted by the foreign employee to the Immigration authority along with i) a signed copy of the employment contract ii) copies of his passport, education certificates and professional licenses (if any). Please refer to this page for further details;
  • The foreign worker will then be issued a temporary visa, converted into a permanent work permit after going through a medical examination test. This work permit will initially be valid for one year, but can be renewed as long as the applicant for renewal is employed, has no Luxembourg criminal record and is registered with the local social security;
  • While a work permit obtained in Luxembourg allows its holder to travel within the European Union (Schengen area) without the need for a business or tourist visa, it only allows work in Luxembourg, not in the rest of the European Union.

Visitor visas

  • This visa is issued for 3 months for the purpose of either tourism or short-term business. It allows its holder to travel within the Schengen area;
  • Documents required are i) a valid passport ii) bank statements to prove that the entire trip is covered iii) medical insurance iv) proof of accommodation and v) a document declaring purpose of the visit.

Luxembourg employment market

  • The employment market in Luxembourg is highly diversified and multicultural;
  • There are twice as many jobs available in comparison to the number of the local population. Consequently, hiring employees in Luxembourg of foreign origin can be significantly easier;
  • As a result, up to 70% of the country’s workforce is comprised of immigrants or border workers, mostly from neighbouring France;
  • Most prominent employer in the country is the financial sector, with Luxembourg being home to many important EU financial institutions.

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