Luxembourg company formation support services in 2024

We support your businesses setup in Luxembourg by offering company formation support services ranging from payroll, talent acquisition, HR administration, immigration and work permits.

Luxembourg residence permit services for businesses

Our residence permit services assist you and the employees of your organization in navigating the various residence permit options available for non-EU citizens who intend to invest, work, and reside in Luxembourg.

Residence permit for investors

  • Luxembourg does not allow free movement of investors from non-EU countries. You should apply for a residence permit as an investor.
  • Before applying for the Luxembourg investor residence permit, you need to seek approval from the Minister of the Economy or the Minister of Finance with regard to your investment in Luxembourg.
  • Please refer to the information on the conditions and pre-requisites for nationals from third countries seeking residence in Luxembourg by investment.

Residence permit for salaried workers and highly qualified workers

  • Before your business is allowed to hire a foreign employee outside of EU nationality, Luxembourg companies and branches must first obtain certificate from the director of the Luxembourg National Employment Agency (ADEM). ADEM checks that no Luxembourg national or EU jobseeker currently registered with the agency is available to take the position on offer. Highly skilled foreign workers are not required to go through this labour market test if they apply for a EU Blue Card;
  • When this prerequisite is met, the National Employment Administration will issue a certificate of vacancy. Your company should submit this certificate to the Immigration authority along with i) a signed copy of the employment contract ii) copies of the foreign national’s passport, education certificates and professional licenses (if any). Please refer to the hiring a non-EU national in Luxembourg page for further details.
  • The foreign worker will then be issued a temporary visa, converted into a permanent work permit after going through a medical examination test. This work permit will initially be valid for one year, but can be renewed as long as the applicant for renewal is employed, has no Luxembourg criminal record and is registered with the local social security;
  • While a work permit obtained in Luxembourg allows its holder to travel within the European Union (Schengen area) without the need for a business or tourist visa, it only allows work in Luxembourg, not in the rest of the European Union.

Residence permit for the self-employed

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers planning to work and reside in Luxembourg should apply for a residence permit for the purpose of self-employment. The applicant should provide proof of relevant qualification and resources. The applicant should also ensure that the planned self-employment activities should align with the social or cultural or economic interests of the country.
  • Please refer to the information EU Immigration portal for more details.

Short stay visas

  • This short stay visa is also called Type C visa. It is issued for the purpose of tourism or short-term business. It allows its holder to stay and travel within the Schengen area for less than 90 days over a period of 180 days.
  • Documents required are i) a valid passport ii) bank statements to prove that the entire trip is covered iii) medical insurance iv) proof of accommodation and v) a document declaring purpose of the visit.

Long stay visas

  • The long stay visa is also called Visa D. It is issued for third-country nationals who wish to work in Luxembourg for less than 90 days.

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